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    New World: how to increase inventory size

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    Increase your carrying capacity and put more in your pockets by increasing your inventory size in New World.

    Any game with storage limitations will inevitably lead to players increasing their inventory size, and New World is no different. 

    Fortunately, you won't have to wait long until you can increase your carrying capacity, expand your pockets, create new carrying bags, and start being able to carry more stuff. There are also ways to increase storage capacity in cities, another way to maximize your inventory.

    Although the N it doesn't operate on a 'slots' basis like other MMOs, it has weight limits. But fear not, see how you can increase this capacity and therefore get more space.

    How to get more inventory space in New World

    making bags

    To increase your allowable weight, you can go to a Tailoring Station and make your own bags. Different levels allow for different weight increases.

    You can also find these bags at the Feitoria, but they will be expensive. We advise creating your own – not just to save money, but to increase your crafting levels in the process.

    It won't be easy and time consuming collecting the resources you need for crafting, but it will definitely be worth it.

    If you don't have the proper Crafting skills, ask your Guild members if they can make the bag for you.

    Coarse Leather Bag

    Tailoring Station Scale 2

    Required Level 5

    45 ─ Coarse Leather

    25 ─ Linen

    10 ─ Iron Ingot

    1 ─ Minor Rune of Retention

    Rustic Leather Bag

    Tailoring Station Scale 3

    Required Level 20

    45 ─ Rustic Leather

    25 ─ Satin

    10 ─ Aço Ingot

    1 ─ Main Rune of Retention

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    Reinforced Leather Bag

    Tailoring Station Scale 4

    Required Level 40

    45 ─ Reinforced Leather

    25 ─ This

    10 ─ Starmetal Ingot

    1 ─ Major Rune of Retention

    Infused Leather Bag

    Tailoring Station Scale 5

    Required Level 60

    45 ─ Infused Leather

    25 ─ This Infusa

    10 Lingote Orichalcum

    1 ─ Great Hold Rune

    Where to find the necessary runes

    Sustaining runes can be found with the Faction NPC.

    Such runes are not cheap, but usually the cost is a valid trade-off for not having to discard valuable items on your travels.

    Minor Retention Rune (T2)1.000 ─ Tokens
    250 ─ Gold
    Main Rune of Containment (T3)3.000 ─ Tokens
    500 ─ Gold
    Major Rune of Retention (T4)5.000 ─ Tokens
    1.000 ─ Gold
    Great Rune of Restraint (T5)7.000 ─ Tokens
    1.500 ─ Gold

    Storage in Settlements

    Additionally, the different settlements in Aeternum have storage sheds that you can use to dump any excess material you don't need right away.

    However, be aware that these sheds will not connect to sheds elsewhere – if you place a load of lumber in a shed in Brightwood, you will not be able to access it in Ebonscale, for example.

    However, there is one exception – if both settlements belong to your faction, you can transfer the goods in exchange for gold.

    The reputation increases the storage capacity of these sheds, which have weight limits.

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