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    New WarioWare has a really weird mini-game

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    The ESRB gives a rating to WarioWare: Get It Together! this spoils some of the minigames, with one of them disgusting some fans who like cats.

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    The WarioWare series has always been known for its humour, fast-paced gameplay, and mini-games that are enough to make players question what the heck they're doing. With another title in the series coming soon to Switch, WarioWare: Get It Together! stayed ahead of the trend with the ESRB rating spoiling some minigames and its comedy aimed at pet owners and animal lovers.

    WarioWare might be famous for being one of Nintendo's most hilarious titles, but returning players should be aware that the jokes the series uses have always been around a bit. Past minigames have seen things like being encouraged to help a girl sniff snot up her nose and Wario keeping bears and door-to-door vendors out of his house with just a few presses of a button.

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