New Valorant game mode replication revealed, goes live today

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Valorant's new game mode forces all players on the same team to play as an agent.

Developer Riot Games has revealed Valorant's new game mode. Called replication, it follows the same rules as unranked, but with an important restriction: everyone on a team plays as the same agent. Replication goes live on May 11, when patch 2.09 is expected.

Players are not randomly assigned an agent. Selecting an agent is a democratic process, with each team voting on which agent they want to play before replication begins. The agent with the most votes becomes the chosen one.

Gear up for VALORANT's newest game mode, Replication. Coming soon.

- VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) May 10, 2021
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There are some other modifications that come with Replication. Everything (except Ultimates) is updated every round and players are given a fixed number of credits. Additionally, players flashing twice within a four-second window will have a five-second blindness protection called Flashguard.

When designing the replication, Riot said they wanted to offer more casual game modes. Game designer Kyle Powell reiterated this sentiment in a press release, adding that it's about stretching the player's imagination.

“With Replication, we sought to create exciting and innovative moments, expanding the space for player theory elaboration while also highlighting agent skills,” said Powell. “By fifth operators that were balanced around normal Operator restrictions, we created a lot of hilarious playthroughs for players to discover.”

Replication is not attached to an event, but will “temporarily override” escalation. It is expected to be active for two weeks before moving to a “mode rotation strategy”. It's unclear whether Replication will remain a permanent fixture of Valorant's multiplayer offerings going forward.

In other Valorant news, Riot Games announced plans to record in-game voice conversations across all of its games to combat toxic behavior. The first title in Riot's catalog to embrace these new monitoring tools is Valorant.

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