New Valorant agent KAY: Leaked ahead of Episode 3 release

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With Valorant Episode 3 approaching, players would have gotten a glimpse of the new agent. Called KAY, the Initiator robot is set to drop in the next update.

It's been three months since the last Security Agent Valuing, Astra, was revealed. Heading into Episode 3, the hype is real for a new character to enter the fray, and we may have seen it for the first time.

Images of Valorant's newest Agent, KAY, began leaking on Reddit on June 16. This is ahead of the reveal planned for Episode 3 Act 1 on June 22, which will be a huge festival for all things Valorant a year after the game's release.

There wasn't much else following the original leak, which has since been deleted from Reddit. However, reposts of the leak rate KAY/0 as an Initiator, joining the ranks of Skye, Breach, and Sova.

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A first look at #VALORANT's next Agent has been leaked 👀

Reportedly named Kay_0, the robot Initiator will be coming with Episode 3's launch.

📷: /u/springftw

- ValorIntel (@ValorINTEL) June 17, 2021

Riot has revealed some details about KAY's design in anticipation of Episode 3 in early May.

“This is an Agent whose usefulness can create moments when you must rely on the use of firearms,” said the character's producer John Goscicki in the May 28 post. “The new agent is coming soon and we look forward to seeing what you think when they finally say hello!”

The character also had a reported codename of Grenadier, meaning we could see another explosives specialist like Raze join Valorant's ranks.

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