New Pokemon Snap: How to use Melody Player

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Instead of bringing back the Poke Flute, New Pokémon Snap introduces a new camera feature called Melody Player. That's how it works.

One of the most notable omissions in New Pokémon Snap is the Poke Flute, which played a major role in the first Pokémon Snap game. Much like the mainline Pokémon titles, it can be used to wake up sleeping Pokémon and clear new routes for the player to explore. Just because the flute hasn't returned doesn't mean the mechanics have been abandoned entirely.

Not long after starting New Pokémon Snap, players get the Melody Player update for their search camera and this allows them to play a short song with the press of a button. It can be used in many different ways and can lead to some unique photo opportunities that would otherwise be missed.

How to unlock O Melody Player

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Before players can get their hands on the Melody Player update, they first need to reach Research Level 2 in the Jungle (Night) course of the Founja Jungle area. Once you've done that, Todd will tell them about a new feature he's added to the player's camera that will allow them to play a little tune by tapping the R button once.

The melody plays for about eight seconds, although it can be stopped at any time simply by pressing the button again. There's no cooldown either, meaning that like Illumina Orbs and Fluffruit, Melody Player can be used over and over again without any real consequences. That said, it can get a little boring over time, so it might be a good idea not to overdo it.

How to Use Melody Player

Melody Player has two main uses, the first of which is waking up sleeping Pokémon. For some reason though, there are certain Pokemon that cannot be woken up by the Melody Player and so players will have to Fluffruit them to make them move. There doesn't seem to be much logic or reason when it comes to which Pokemon should be woken up by which method, although it's pretty easy to figure out with a little trial and error.

In addition to waking the sleeping Pokémon, the Melody Player can also be used to make the Pokémon dance. Many Pokémon have sections of the Photodex dedicated to photos of them dancing, so players will again need to play around with the mechanics to find out which ones do if they're planning on completely filling the Photodex. Not all Pokémon dance to the tune, although those that do not sometimes strike a unique pose.

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