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Illumina Orbs are one of the biggest additions to New Pokémon Snap and are used for a number of different things throughout the game.

One of the biggest changes in New Pokémon Snap is the introduction of a new item called Illumina Orbs. They play an important role in the game's story and can be used in many different ways throughout the game. While some of these are explained to players by Professor Mirror and other members of the research team, there are one or two things they must discover for themselves.

While the Crystabloom flowers needed to unlock the orbs can be found from the start of the game, only after players complete Florio Nature Park will they have access to the orbs. From there, they'll need to do some experiments with them to find out when, where, and how exactly they might be useful. However, as is often the case, it may be much quicker and simpler to read the orbs a little earlier.

How to Unlock Illumina Orbs

Unlike Fluffruit, Illumina Orbs need to be unlocked for each of the islands in the game. There are six types in total and each has its own distinct color. To gain access to them, players must first find and photograph special Crystabloom flowers and glowing Pokémon, and then deliver the photos to Professor Mirror. After doing so, a new type of Illumina Orb will unlock.

Yellow Illumina Orbs (Belusylva Island) ‚Äď Photograph the glowing Crystabloom in the Jungle course (Night).
Illumina Orbs Roses (Florio Island) ‚Äď Photograph the glowing Crystabloom in the Jungle field (Night).
Illumina Green Orbs (Voluca Island) ‚Äď Photograph the glowing Crystabloom in the Sands course (Night).
Illumina Orbs Pink (Maricopia Islands) ‚Äď Photograph the glowing Frillish in the Undersea course.
Illumina Purple Orbs (Durice Island) ‚Äď Photograph the glowing Crystabloom in the Snowfields field (Night).
Illumina Golden Orbs (Aurus Island) ‚Äď Photograph the glowing Crystabloom in the Ruins course.

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Illumina Orbs are used in the same way as Fluffruit, with players simply needing to point the camera where they would like to throw it and press the Y button. They don't tend to drop that much mid-flight, so there's no need to aim. high in most situations. There's also no limit on how many can be cast, meaning players can cast them very quickly without worrying about running out.

How to use Illumina Orbs

There are several different uses for Illumina Orbs, but the main one is to make the Pok√©mon glow. Not only does this make photos taken at night courses look much better, it can also lead to some unique Pok√©mon poses. Orbs have a small area of ‚Äč‚Äčeffect and so a direct hit isn't always necessary, although it's best to aim for one just in case.

Sometimes hitting a Pokemon with an Illumina Orb can also cause it to attack nearby Pokemon, or in some cases, open up new routes in a course. An example can be found in the undersea area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe Lental Seafloor, where hitting a Clawitzer with an orb at the right time will cause him to destroy a rock and open a path to the Ancient Ruins that are hidden far below the usual route. There are times, though, when players don't really need to aim at Pok√©mon with their orbs.

Scattered throughout many of the courses in New Pokémon Snap are a special type of flower called Crystablooms. When hit by an Illuminam orb, they will light up for a short period of time and this can have a number of interesting effects. Blowing Crystablooms can attract new Pokemon or encourage existing ones to act in unusual ways. In some cases, lighting them can also cause special Pokémon to appear at the end of the course.

The ultimate use of Illumina Orbs can be found at Illumina's special spots and, once again, involves throwing them at Pokémon. Unlike normal Pokémon, Illumina Pokémon found in these areas cannot be photographed when they are not glowing. As a result, using Illumina Orbs is normally the only way to shoot Illumina Pokémon, although some of them need to be hit by a Fluffruit before players can throw orbs at them.

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