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    New Pokémon Snap: How to Increase Your Research Level Quickly

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    A player's research level can be very important in New Pokémon Snap. Here's how to increase yours quickly.

    One of the most important mechanics in New Pokémon Snap is the player's research level. There's one for each of the courses in the game, and it will typically dictate which Pokemon are available, which routes players have access to, and how comfortable some of the field Pokemon are around NEO-ONE. In some cases, increasing a course's research level may even be a requirement to unlock new courses and progress through the main story.

    With that in mind, those looking to complete the New Pokémon Snap and fill out their Photodex will have to collect a lot of expedition points, but this can be a slow process for those who aren't quite sure what they're doing. There's a lot more to it than just taking lots of pictures and it can quickly become frustrating at higher levels of research. Fortunately, however, there are a few things players can do to speed things up a bit and reach max research level on each course without the need for unnecessary races.

    Shooting a new Pokemon

    Adding a new Pokémon to the Photodex grants a considerable amount of expedition points to the total at the end of a race. As such, a player's first run on a new field should focus on catching as many different Pokémon as possible, particularly ones they've never seen before. For those who aren't sure, any Pokémon that players haven't added to the Photodex will still have an orange exclamation point to the left of the name.

    Look for hidden Pokemons

    Not all Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap are in plain sight. Some are hidden in trees and bushes, while others appear behind or above the NEO-ONE. Using the scan function can be very helpful in this regard, as it often alerts players to the presence of a Pokémon, even if their view is obstructed. If players see question marks after a scan, it usually means they will need to use an item to make the Pokémon appear.

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    find new poses

    Each Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap has four different poses that can be added to the Photodex. Even if players have already encountered every Pokémon in a course, they can still get a lot of expedition points by taking pictures of those Pokémon in poses they haven't captured yet. Using Scan, Fluffruit, Illumina Orbs, and the Melody Player can help reveal new poses, as can the clues provided in the game's many photo requests.

    Look for new routes

    Most courses in New Pokémon Snap have alternate routes available and typically hide additional Pokémon that players may not have seen yet. While there is no notification for individual courses, players receive a sticker on the cover of their Photodex for each Island they find all of the Pokémon on, so if players don't already have one, that means they're still missing a Pokémon or two and there's a good chance that they will be found on an alternate route.

    take good pictures

    The score awarded for each new Pokémon pose photograph delivered to Professor Mirror will be added to the expedition point total at the end of the race. Players should therefore focus on framing their targets centrally and making sure they fill in as much of the frame as possible without cutting off any limbs or other body parts. Full scores for repeat photos are not added up, although if the new photo is better then the difference between the two photos will be.

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