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These tips and tricks will help any budding Pokémon photographer take the best pictures possible.

The New Pokémon Snap has revitalized an N64 classic that many fans have been waiting for for decades. The entry moves away from the classic turn-based roleplaying game that Pokemon fans are used to from the main series and puts a camera in the player's hands.

The rail-based photography game allows players to go through levels that have a plethora of different Pokemon circling them. Players will need to get solid shots to level up in each region and proceed in the game. The fact is, Professor Mirror is very demanding, so players will need to figure out the best ways to get good shots. So, here are some tips.

Centralize O Pokémon

Those who have taken a photography class have learned about the rule of thirds, which means that subjects should not be directly in the middle of the photograph, but should be slightly off-center. Well, according to Professor Mirror, that just doesn't make for a good photograph.

When focusing on a single Pokémon, the most important element is placing the Pokémon in the center of the photo. Bonus points will be included for those who take pictures of a Pokémon's full body as well.

Take Photos With Various Pokémon

The most captivating element of the game is watching different Pokémon interact with each other in cute but sometimes even cruel ways. Regardless of the type of interaction that is taking place, it is important to write it down and take a picture.

Professor Mirror will reward players who take photos of multiple Pokémon in a single photo. It's important to note, however, that each photo taken is attributed to only one Pokémon, so it's worth keeping track of which Pokémon is the focus when the group photo is taken.

Look for the Best Reactions

Taking a solid photo of a Pokémon can be pretty easy, especially if it's just standing around doing nothing. However, taking this type of photo will only be good enough for a one-star Professor Mirror rating. It's important to watch the Pokemon and see how they interact with the environment with each loop.

This could be key to seeing them do something that can elevate an average photo from one to three stars, for example. This can be as easy as a simple change in facial expression to interact with an environmental object.

Always Check Behind the Vehicle

It's easy to focus on everything that's happening in front of the vehicle. Most of the activity that is happening is happening where players can clearly see. That said, there's a reason New Pokémon Snap allows the player to look all around.

There are some areas in the game that will have Pokemon spawning behind the player and nowhere else, so it's important to keep the camera rotating because missing photo opportunities can prevent the player from moving forward.

feed the pokemons

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There are a variety of tools players are given to help create a solid photo, the first being Fluffruit. Similar to apples from the original game, players can cast Fluffruit at a Pokémon to get its attention. For some Pokémon, they will see a Fluffruit and start consuming it. This is a perfect opportunity to take a picture.

Sometimes the Pokémon will just react to seeing Fluffruit or being hit by one as well. Using them as a weapon for photogenic situations is crucial to getting points.

Play a Melody

Another tool given to the player at some point in their journey is the ability to play music while driving. While there are many Pokémon that will ignore the music being played, others will start dancing to the cute jingle. These creatures will begin to show off their dance moves, so it's imperative to take the picture while they jump.

If the player misses the Pokémon dance initially, the song can be played easily. However, the timing of the melody is important to get a perfectly framed photo.

light up the pokemon

This version of Pokémon Snap offers a completely new tool for mixing called the Illumina Orb. Using this, players are able to cast Illumina Orbs at Pokémon to make them glow. Like other tools, lighting up all Pokémon doesn't mean it will bring better results.

That said, some Pokémon behave strangely when experiencing the glow sensation. This works especially in night scenes where the glare is clearly seen. Taking a good photo of a lighted Pokémon will give the player a lot of points.

Illuminate The Crystablooms

Continuing with the Illumina Orb tool, players can also use what can be dropped on the flowers found on all lanes, called Crystablooms. These unique looking flowers have a crystal in the center that will glow brightly when properly lit.

Throwing an Illumina Orb at these plants can attract Pokémon to them, leading to perfect photo opportunities as the Pokémon begins to interact. These joyous occasions are likely to bring the player the four stars they crave from the teacher. At the very least, this will give the player a great score.

Look for Different Paths

One of the first things Professor Mirror provides the player with is a scanner. This tool allows players to search an area for mysterious elements, from ancient wreckage to a hidden Pokémon that just needs to be lured out. But one of the most interesting parts of going through an area multiple times is figuring out how to unlock new paths.

Once the player scans to change the vehicle's direction, it can provide new Pokemon to take pictures and better angles of Pokemon the player already knew were there. It is the ability to see things from a different perspective.

Use the LenTalk System When There Are Opportunities

While it is not necessary to complete the game, requests received by the player in the LenTalk system can be vital in finding photo opportunities they didn't know existed. Some of the requests will cause the player to encounter a Pokémon they haven't seen in a race yet. Other requests will prompt players to unite two Pokemon and make them interact in a specific way.

Most of these requests are pointing out three and four star photo chances that can help the player level up in specific areas of the game.

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