New Fortnite leaks claim players could be abducted by aliens in Season 7

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New leaks from Fortnite update 16.50 claim players may be abducted by aliens in season 7.

Fortnite Season 7 is just around the corner, and new leaks claim that we could see players being abducted by aliens into UFOs in the near future.

Fortnite update 16.50 was officially released on May 25, returning the Dual Pistols and Drum Shotgun to the loot pile, along with a sneaky hint about the possible appearance of the Loki and Marvel.

As always, dataminers have been poring over the update files to try and figure out what's coming up in the game over the next few weeks. Looks like Fortnite could be out of this world in the near future, literally, after a series of files about aliens were found.

Source: Epic Games

One of the first things found by the leaker Mang0e_ was a set of audio files, which sound like aliens communicating and moaning.

- Mang0e (@Mang0e_) May 25, 2021
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After that, Twitter user gameshed_ came across an animation of the aliens, which appears to show them abducting players who are running around the map.

In the clip, the creature appears to be sent under a ship before reaching down and grabbing a character. Fortnite unsuspecting before returning to his spaceship.

Here’s the animation of when you get abducted by aliens? (@gameshed_) from FortniteLeaks

According to HYPEX, UFOs will randomly appear on the map and will be able to abduct individual players or entire squads. It's unclear if it will be the creatures' choice or whim, but you will be teleported elsewhere after being healed and your shields filled.

If this is a teaser for the theme of 7 season yet to be seen, but some fans have suggested that this is directly tied to the missions of the Foreshadowing.

While we don't have all the answers yet, it's likely that we'll find out what aliens are doing on the map in the near future.

Image credit: epic Games

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