NBA 2K22: How to earn venture capital without spending money

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Like you earn VC without spending money No. NBA 2K22 ? VC , or Virtual Currency , is the primary form of in-game currency in 2K Sports' basketball simulation. you will need the VC to update the attributes his MyPlayer No. MyCareer.

 You can also use the VC to buy animations at Animation Store , cosmetics such as clothes and even Card Packs em MyTeam . It is important, then, that you know how to earn VC without spending money. as part of our guia NBA 2K22 , we are going to explain how to increase your in-game revenue without affecting your real-world bank balance.


While the entirety of NBA 2K22 is designed around VC , it can be hard to know how to earn VC without spending money . On this page, we are going to explain some methods you can use to maximize your in-game currency revenue. However, before delving into this, it is important to assess the value of VC in real world .

2K Sports currently flogs the VC in digital storefronts in the following increments, although prices may change depending on your country and selected retailer. We've included prices for the UK and US below:

VCUK pricePrice in the USA
5.000 BC£ 1,69$ 1,99
15.000 BC£ 3,99$ 4,99
35.000 BC£ 7,99$ 9,99
75.000 BC£ 15,99$ 19,99
200.000 BC£ 39,99$ 49,99
450.000 BC£ 79,99$ 99,99

Depending on which version of NBA 2K22 you purchased, there's a good chance you'll have some VC available at the start of the game. For example, the 75th Anniversary Edition comes with 100.000 BC , which is enough to get you started. Throughout the season, 2K Sports will also reduce the price of some packages. VC , so stay tuned for any discounts or savings available.

Of course, you will also win VC purely for playing NBA 2K22 and progressing through the game. On this page, we'll introduce you to some ways to maximize the amount of capital de risk that you earn, so you don't have to spend real money.

Get your daily reward

Every day in NBA 2K22 you will be able to collect a daily reward of statue of your affiliate na city . This is random and sometimes includes XP boosts or clothing discounts. 

However, occasionally you will also receive the VC , which is completely free. Be sure to collect your daily reward every day to maximize your chances of risk capital rewards.

Assistir NBA 2KTV

NBA 2KTV is the weekly program of the series that you can access from the main menu screen or during the MyCareer opening your Smartphone (left d-pad button) and accessing the app NBA 2KTV . During each episode there will be interactive elements allowing you to vote or answer questions for rewards VC . This can be a very quick and easy way to earn additional income.

Increase your draft stock

You must go to college or G League on MyCareer ? Well, if you want to maximize your salary initial , so you'll want to play with both options. start at college and win the national championship, then win the G-League to increase your draft projection to the #1 choice . 

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This will guarantee you a Salary initial up to 750 BC per game, which you can improve through endorsements and gaining a high team grade . For more information on which agent select, see: Palmer Athletic Agency ou Berry & Associates em MyCareer .

Complete missions

There are dozens of missions to complete in NBA 2K22, many of which have a time limit. Make sure you play every day and finish as much as possible to win VC . 

The rewards for each mission are listed on the screen. mission and many take just a few minutes to complete. If you can beat the race of the week , will be rewarded with 1.000.000 BC , which means that a millionaire will be crowned every week in the city .

Play Daily Pick 'Em during the NBA season

Daily Pick ‘Em is a minigame that you'll find around city and by district, where you can predict the winners of real NBA matches during the season. you can win VC with based on hit results or multiply your revenue by successfully doubling and predicting a full week of play.

play basketball games

Whether you're competing for the championship in MyNBA , progressing in its MyCareer or just playing pick-up games at city , you will win VC with based on your performance. One thing worth noting is that you cannot win VC as part of MyTeam , since it will instead gain MT Points in this way

Enter locker codes

You can keep your eyes on All the Locker Codes for potential rewards VC . Although they usually include MyTeam card packs , Tokens e cosmetic rewards for MyPlayer , to 2K Sports occasionally distributed VC em locker codes , so it's worth following along with our guide to see what's available.

Sign lucrative endorsement deals

As you progress in your MyCareer , you'll start building your Personal Brand in a variety of categories, including how Team Oriented , Lightning ou Corporate office . 

As you complete different quests and develop the kind of talent you are, you will unlock endorsements that you can sign up with a variety of different organizations to earn VC . 

balance your Personal Brand is a challenge, as many decisions will have both positive and negative consequences. Be sure, however, to build your parallel careers in music and fashion, and also with a good performance on the court. This will play a key role in unlocking many opportunities for endorsement .

Like you earn VC without spending money No. NBA 2K22 ? You can consult our guia NBA 2K22 for more information about the game and let us know in the comments section below.

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