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    Naruto becomes even more powerful in Boruto

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    If you're a fan of anime and manga, you know that Naruto is one of the biggest and most popular stories, right? The creator of Neruto, Masashi Kishimoto is one of the best authors of this type of entertainment.

    The trajectory of the character Naruto in his stories is long, and the young boy lives in search of becoming a Hokage, more powerful warrior. Naruto starts out as a clumsy boy who dreams of reaching high levels of transformation and ends up becoming a top leader in Konoha.

    In the meantime that Naruto goes through this trajectory, he changes the route of his plans to help one of his friends, in addition to guiding the expected alliance in a great ninja war and training to develop the skills he has. After several battles, the warrior encourages harmony in the village for a long period of time.

    However, the story has come to an end in recent years. After reaching the much-desired goals, the character makes room for a new story, but is still present in the Boruto anime. Naruto as Hokage starts teaching skill development and seeks to guide his friends in a direction that makes them grow in the best way.

    In Boruto's story, fans can follow what happened to the other characters after the events of the first story, as Boruto is the new generation, after Naruto.

    In Naruto, the character is always discovering and developing new abilities, as with attaining ultimate power in the Hokage, the warrior always springs into action when his friends and village are in danger. In these fights, the warrior surprises everyone by showing that he has achieved the position of maximum respect.

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    April 1th 2022

    Naruto achieves more powers

    In the Boruto Manga, last chapter, Naruto reveals a secret power that surprises everyone. The Hokage inherits from his parents the incredible ability that allows him to accumulate a large amount of chakra in his body. As a child, Naruto could already do this, but he needed to evolve the skill, which he had only achieved after years of development.

    Through chakra, the ninja warrior can manipulate the entire environment and preserve energy in his body so that he can fight for long periods without stopping, in addition to the manipulation of natural elements such as air, water, earth and fire.

    As powerful as the other ninjas were, none of them had achieved this feat, that is, accumulating chakras as the main sage of the six paths until Naruto's turn came in Boruto, chapter 33.

    In this chapter, Naruto fights the member of the rival Kara organization, Delta. The same is the assassin who is looking for Kawaki, responsible for protecting the Hokage of konoha. The fight between them is very intense and the assassin has the biggest advantage.

    The ninja manages to dominate the fight for a long time and absorbs Naruto's energy. But, as the good ninja he is, he manages to find out what the opponent's limits are. Even though she believes that she can win the fight, the Hakage manages to demonstrate how great the energy she has in her body is and overloads the opponent who falls into fatigue. When she absorbs her powers, she feels exhausted and unable to continue. Naruto's great power revealed, puts him on the same level of powers as the sage of the six paths.

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