Monster Hunter Rise: How to Update Kinsect

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Monster Hunter Rise comes with lots of new monsters to encounter, as well as new companions, and Kinsect is an ally that can be upgraded to full effect.

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest version of the popular franchise and there are many new features for players to take advantage of, such as the Kinsect update. The Monster Hunter series doesn't just focus on capturing and killing monsters, but also on building friendships. There is an improved companion system in Monster Hunter Rise that involves the customization and full upgrade of companion weapons to help the hunter while exploring the wild. At first, finding a way to upgrade allies can be a bit of a shock, but over time this feature can become much more accessible and rewarding.

The Insect Glaive is a species that players will encounter while playing Monster Hunter Rise, which can be used to form a team. They are one of the many types of companions players will find in Monster Hunter Rise. They offer buffs and with the right updates with your Kinsect they can become really useful. They each come with their own attacks and perks such as speed, power, and healing abilities. With the right combination, an Insect Glaive with a fully upgraded Kinsect set can really give a hunter a big head start. To update a Kinsect, players need to go see a Smithy and look at the “Kinsect Menu”.

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Players will find that there will only be two Kinsects available for purchase, namely the Culdrone and the Mauldrone. While still at Smithy, select the “Forge / Upgrade Weapon” selection. Choose the desired Insect Glaive and this will open a branching weapon tree showing Kinsect levels going all the way up to Level 2 and beyond. If a player wants to unlock the different Kinsect levels, the Insect Glaive rarity levels need to be increased. This, in turn, will open up new Kinsect selections that can be improved, which will ultimately help raise the hunter rank.

As the story progresses and the player kills higher level monsters, the Insect Glaive's rarity level will increase. This will create a ripple effect that will also unlock more powerful Kinsects for purchase and open up new upgrade options. While there are only two Kinsects available at the start of the game, playing “Rampage Quests” will expand this selection. Kinsects have a variety of perks that depend on your level. For example, Culdrone deals special slashing damage, while Mauldone deals bashing damage when attacking monsters.

When it comes to Monster Hunter Rise, updating Kinsects has been streamlined and made more agile. They no longer need “special care” as the previous installments required. Therefore, at the beginning of the game, players will be able to use two basic types of Kinsect weapons. As the story progresses by playing “Village Quests”, Smithy will unlock newer and more powerful Kinsects for purchase and upgrades. Lastly, depending on which Insect Glaive is being used, Kinsect will level up as other types of equipment are being used.

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