Monster Hunter Rise: How to Sharpen Your Weapon

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Monster Hunter Rise may have removed some survival elements from previous titles, but weapon sharpening is back, and here's how to do it.

The Monster Hunter series has had many elements changed in recent entries, especially with Monster Hunter Rise. The Clutch Claw and Slinger have been removed and replaced by the Wirebug mechanic. In addition, some elements of survival are also gone, such as the need for hot and cold drinks for certain biomes. But one thing that remains is the sharpness of the weapon, and knowing how to keep it sharp can help you get that sweet victory over the big monsters.

The weapon sharpness level is for all melee weapons in the game and is shown at all times in the upper left corner of the screen, below the stamina bar. The bar is shaped like a sword and has several colors lined up from red to green. At the start of each Monster Hunter Rise mission, this sharpness level will always be at its maximum, but what causes it to decrease is when a player's weapon is used against a monster.

After each successful attack, the sharpness level will decrease and attacks may even start to bounce off monsters, doing little to no damage. So essentially, players will want to keep that bar as high as possible during hunts. Otherwise, players won't do as much damage as they'd like, and that's not helpful.

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In order for Monster Hunter Rise players to sharpen their weapons and get the green back (or blue, white, and purple for advanced weapons), they will need to use an item called a Grinding Stone, which is given to players in gigantic amounts and is always ready to go. to be used. If players look at the image below, they can see the whetstone icon in the lower right corner. To find it in the item bar, simply hold the L button and press Y or A to scroll to the item.

And then, to actually use it, press the Y button while the weapon is sheathed. This will start an animation that will last for a few seconds, and if players are attacked during this animation, the effect will be canceled and players will need to use it again. It is recommended that players use this when they are far from a monster and not right in the middle of a big fight unless there is clearly a moment of rest.

Using the item bar is one way to use the whetstone, but there is a much faster method that allows players to use the whetstone even when the weapon is in hand. To do this, hold L to open the Radial Menu and tap the right stick. This menu can be customized in the menu to suit the player's needs, but the whetstone will be there for new players by default. Sharpening weapons will make things a little easier as players will have to face off against Magnamalo, the game's flagship monster.

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