Monster Hunter Rise: How to get to the training area

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Monster Hunter Rise offers players a training ground that they can use to test out new weapons and combos or refine certain strategies.

Monster Hunter Rise offers players 14 different weapon types to choose from. While veterans already know which one they like best, newcomers might find the choice a little overwhelming. Fortunately, players don't have to make this decision blindly, as the training area can be used to test all 14 weapons for free. Even veterans can take great advantage of this space, as it allows them to test out combos, strategies, and some of the new techniques for each weapon in this Monster Hunter entry. The problem is that the game doesn't do a good job of directing new players to the training area.

Like other previous Monster Hunter games, the training room is Monster Hunter Rise's way of allowing players to experiment in a safe environment. It doesn't take a genius to know that fighting a monster several times the size of the player is not a good time to try out a new weapon for the first time, so the training area is very useful in that regard.

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To get to the training room, the first thing players must do is press the minus button to open the map. From here, navigate to the button that says “Buddy Plaza” and fast travel to that location. Ahead, players should notice a large boat on the dock. Start heading east as you ride the Palamute, but turn right to find a smaller boat flanked by two stone statues. After approaching the small boat, there should be a “move” prompt that appears. Pressing this button will take the player to the training area.

After watching a cool cutscene that shows off the space, players are free to run wild in the training area as much as they like. It is important to note that after the player arrives here for the first time, they no longer need to find the boat every time to get back. Instead, just open the map with the minus button again and there should be an option to fast travel to the training area. This will certainly cut down on time in the future if players want to come back to try out new weapons.

This area is available to players from the start of the game, so make sure you make good use of it. If there are any mechanics that players have a hard time understanding in the heat of battle, it's useful to practice them here, where there's no time limit, now hostile enemies, and no other hunters to impress.

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