Monster Hunter Rise: How to get crafting materials like 'Sinister Cloth'

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series fans  Monster Hunter know that games have a wide variety of weapons and armor for players to craft from the monsters they defeat. There are often pieces of equipment made from non-monster materials that are a little more difficult to track.

Monster hunter rise  is no different in that respect. O Sinister Cloth and its high-ranking counterpart, the Sinister Darkcloth, are unique materials that Monster Hunter Rise players may need help tracking down.

There are two main areas where Monster Hunter Rise rare materials come from: Argosy e meowcenaries. Both are found in Buddy Plaza and if players want to use either of the services they will need friends. 

Sending friends through Argosy to trade can result in materials like Dreamshells, which can be used to craft shell gear.

Fonte: Monster Hunter

Sending friends on Meowcenary quests can result in rare materials such as Gothjellies, which can be used to manufacture gelatine equipment. The Sinister Cloth falls into this second category. Players will need to utilize Meowcenaries to secure some Sinister Fabric.

to make use of meowcenaries, as stated before, players must go to Buddy Plaza . From there, they'll want to talk to Chief Felyne Kogarashi. It will open a menu for players where they can select a destination and the friends they want to send to that destination. 

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April 1th 2022

Sometimes a location name will have a glowing icon next to it. If there is such an icon, it means that rare materials can be found in that area.

Source: Nintendo

Each area has its own unique material, which can be found in the Meowcenaries. Players looking for the Sinister Cloth will want to head to Sandy Plains when he's glowing. There, as with any other use of the Meowcenaries, players will have multiple routes to choose from within that location, in this case the Sandy Plains.

Players will want to look for a route with a pile of bones icon that is also glowing. These piles of bones are where Meowcenaries can find Sinister Armor.

Sinister Cloth is the lower rated version of the item. So if players send their Meow Scenarios to the lower version of Sandy Plains, they will get Sinister Cloth back. Sending Meowcenaries to the high-ranking version of the Sandy Plains can still result in Sinister Cloths, but Meowcenaries can now also bring them back Sinister Darkcloth, the top-ranking item.

Both Sinister Cloth e Sinister Darkcloth can be used to craft low and high rank Death Stink armor, as well as some weapons. Weapons that have versions inspired by Sinister Cloth are the hammer, longsword, and insect gladius. Friends also have armor and weapons.

Monster hunter rise  is now available for Nintendo Switch. the launch for PC It is planned for 2022.

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