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Affinity in Monster Hunter Rise affects the critical hit rate of attacks, so many players will want to maximize this stat for optimal damage.

Players have many potential strategies to choose from when preparing for quests in Monster Hunter Rise. Hunters who understand all the benefits their weapons and armor can provide will be at an advantage. But some equipment stats, like the mysterious Affinity stat, are not clearly defined for players. This guide will briefly explain Affinity in Monster Hunter Rise and delve into how to maximize this attribute for efficient hunting.

Affinity in Monster Hunter can basically be considered a critical hit chance. When a critical hit occurs, it increases the damage of an attack by 25% of the raw (non-elemental) damage of the equipped weapon. A critical hit is also accompanied by a glowing red “slash” effect when it hits a monster. Also, critical strike damage can be increased beyond the original value of +25% using the armor skill “Critical Thrust”. Suffice to say, hunters looking to deal maximum damage will be looking for ways to increase their affinity for a lot of critical hits. It's even possible to reach 100% affinity and get all critical hits, all the time.

The best first step to reaching maximum Affinity is to start with a weapon that has a high base Affinity of its own. Nargacuga weapons are very popular as they come with at least 30% affinity built in by the time they are fully upgraded. Add on top of that a white level sharpness that can further multiply damage by over 1,3x, and it becomes evident that Nargacuga weapons have the potential to be true powerhouses. Making smart use of the affinity boosting armor skills, players can easily reach 100% affinity with a Nargacuga weapon.

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The most notable skills for increasing affinity are critical eye and weakness exploit. Critical Eye can be implemented with certain pieces of Barioth, Nargacuga, or Aelucanth armor or with level 2 Specialist Gems. Each point of Critical Eye adds +5% Affinity to the build, up to a maximum of 40% if Critical Eye Lv 7 can be obtained.

Weakness Exploit greatly increases Affinity on attacks that hit a monster's weak spot, which hunters should always strive to do independently. This skill can be implemented with certain pieces of Zinogre armor or Skalda Elytra waist armor. If 3 points of Exploitation of Weakness can be incorporated, Affinity will be increased by 50% on weak point attacks.

Hunters who are not using Nargacuga or other high affinity weapons may need to use some other armor skills to reach 100% affinity. Each point allocated to the Latent Power skill will increase Affinity by 10% for two minutes, up to a maximum of 50% under certain conditions. These conditions are 5 minutes of elapsed time during a quest or a certain threshold of damage being taken from monsters.

Critical Draw can increase affinity by up to 40% for a short time after a draw attack is performed, which makes it useful for weapons like the Long Sword, which hunters often sheath and unsheathe.

To summarize, 100% affinity can easily be achieved by combining a high affinity Nargacuga weapon with Zinogre or Barioth set armor skills. Players who are still struggling to reach 100% affinity, or who choose to use weapons with less base affinity, can supplement their critical hit rate with other abilities from different armor or decorations. It should be noted that while it can be fun to inflict constant critical hits, there are many other fun and efficient ways to hunt monsters.

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