Monster Hunter Rise: How to do quest with friend?

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Capcom's latest monster slayer is on PC right now, and if you want to play Monster Hunter Rise multiplayer with friends, you'll need to jump some hurdles first. It has a mode multiplayer , but longtime fans of the series may notice that things work out a little differently this time around.

See how to play with your friends in Monster Hunter Rise, including which quests you can complete and how to set up a lobby.

What missions can you complete in Monster Hunter Rise multiplayer?

Quests in Monster Hunter Rise are of two types:

  • Village Quests given by Hinoa, which are only for one player and progress through history.
  • Hub Quests given by Minoto, which can be completed in single-player ou multiplayer .

You can play Hub Quests alone, but they are designed around multiplayer. They are a little more difficult to complete than Village Quests for this reason, although they still increase in difficulty according to how many members are in your party.

Village Quests cannot be completed while playing in a multiplayer lobby.

How to start multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise

By default, you always play Monster Hunter Rise in single player mode.

To start multiplayer, find and talk to Senri the Mailman (the Courier). He's next to Hinoa, who sets the Village Quests, so it's very easy to find him.

How to create a lobby in Monster Hunter Rise

When talking to Senri, choose Play Online > Create Lobby .

You have several options for setting up a lobby. You can choose to set a focus on a specific mission, for example; as well as filtering by languages, player rating and more.

You can also enable or disable the senha . Passwordless lobbies are open for anyone to join, while a password-protected lobby is effectively a private session for you and your friends.

Once you leave the conversation with Senri, everything will be the same, but you are now in your multiplayer lobby. You can send the Lobby ID and Password (if using) to any friend who wants to join you.

How to join an existing lobby

When talking to Senri, choose Play Online .

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You can then:

  • Search by Lobby ID. This is the option to choose if you want to join friends in a lobby they have created. Just make sure your friends send you relevant passwords along with the ID.
  • Find the Lobby. This is the option to choose if you want to match with random players. Similar to setting up your own lobby, you can filter by certain criteria, such as which mission you hope to complete in this multiplayer session.

Alternatively, if you want to join a friend's game, you can choose to friends list when speaking for the first time with Senri. It will show all lobbies owned by people on your Friends List and is usually faster than searching with Lobby ID.

How to leave a lobby

If you want to exit multiplayer at any time, simply return to Senri the Mailman and choose leave the lobby in the options list. This will take you back to single player mode.

Quitting multiplayer when you are not active on a mission should not affect other players in the lobby. If you leave mid-mission (including due to connection errors), it appears that all assets in the party are sent back to single-player instances of the mission, with the difficulty reduced accordingly.

How to start Monster Hunter Rise Hub quests in multiplayer

Monster Hunter Rise lets you play with up to four players in multiplayer mode .

To start a multiplayer quest, once in a lobby, go to Minoto's Hub Quest panel and select a quest as normal. You can wait for other players to join you or start alone and bring in other players later via a few methods:

  • You can use the request ticket to request backup when playing in a multiplayer lobby. Useful if you're having trouble completing a quest. This is open to players outside of your lobby.
  • Players in the same lobby can join you in the middle of a quest using the Hub Quest board, even if you have not specifically asked for help.

How to participate in an ongoing Hub Quest

You can join another player in the same lobby on your ongoing Hub Quest, as long as the quest is not already at full capacity. Interact with the Hub Quest board and select Join Hub Quest .

How to place an order participation em Monster Hunter Rise

If you urgently need backup during a mission in a multiplayer lobby, please submit a request to join. Monster Hunter World players may recognize this as very similar to SOS Flares of the oldest game.

To start the request, open the menu and go to the Quests . You will see an option to request adhesion at the bottom. Select it to open your quest in multiplayer and pin it to the Hub Quest board for others to answer.

From there… wait for help and try to stay alive.

How to respond to a request for participation

When checking the Hub Quest board, you can choose to Reply to participation request and see who is asking for help in real time. This really has a number of benefits.

If you see a request to join a quest that you want to complete, you can respond to it even if you are not in the lobby where it originated. This is much faster than digging through the Find Lobby menu to track down what you're looking for.

(However, responding to a join request from another lobby sends you immediately to that lobby, with no prep time. Make sure you're ready before confirming your interest in joining.)

Also, if the request comes from a player with a lower Hunter Rank than yours, you will receive a Helper Reward for its philanthropic action.

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