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    Monster Hunter Rise: Guide About the Long Sword

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    Monster Hunter Rise brings new features to familiar weapons, and this guide will explain how to get the most out of the reliable and stylish longsword.

    Monster Hunter Rise continues the legacy of a long-running series. In Monster Hunter, players can challenge fierce creatures and enjoy a sense of progression as they craft better and more visually stunning gear. Fans will feel right at home with the 14 returning weapon types in Monster Hunter Rise, but now they're better than ever with the new gameplay features introduced in the last game. Among them is the Long Sword, a fan favorite with some effective abilities.

    In the Monster Hunter Rise demo that was released before the game's full release, players were able to see what the Long Sword and other weapons were capable of in their new iteration. The Long Sword has always been a popular and affordable weapon for both beginners and veterans of Monster Hunter games. With a combination of long range, relatively fast attacks, and a stylish moveset, the Long Sword is a very attractive option. The Long Sword's longstanding appeal remains true in Monster Hunter Rise, and players looking to make use of it can start off on the right foot with this guide.

    Long Sword Controls And Combos

    The basic commands for the Long Sword are as follows:

    • X – Overhead Slash
    • A – Impulse
    • (Left Analog Stick) + X + A – Moving Attack
    • ZR – Spirit Blade
    • ZR + A during a combo – Foresight Slash
    • ZR + B after an attack – Special Sheathe

    Hitting a monster will fill the Spirit Gauge, a katana-shaped gauge that players can see under the stamina gauge in the upper left corner of the screen. The gauge can be used to perform Spirit Blade attacks with the ZR button. A normal Spirit Blade combo ends with a Spirit Roundslash attack, and connecting with that attack will change the glowing color of the Spirit Gauge. While the gauge is glowing, all the hunter's attacks are more powerful. Repeated combos from Spirit Blade will continue to change the gauge to different colors, meaning more and more damage.

    The Special Sheathe is a slightly advanced technique for chaining combos together. It can be used after almost any other attack the Long Sword can make, causing the hunter to sheath his blade. From this position, the player can go for a gauge-building Iai Slash with the X button or a ZR-powered Iai Spirit Slash that can deflect minor monster attacks. Either option can lead to another combo, making the Long Sword a tool for constant, uninterrupted damage.

    Guia da Long Sword do Monster Hunter Rise

    Some useful combos for the longsword are as follows:

    Basic Combo

    • X > X > X > X

    Spirit Blade Combo (requires spirit gauge)

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    • ZR> ZR> ZR> ZR

    Fade Slash Combination (Requires Spirit Gauge)

    • X + A> ZR> ZR> ZR

    Special Sheathe Combo 1

    • X> ZR + B> X> ZR

    Foresight Slash Combo 1 (when successful)

    • X> ZR + A> ZR

    Special Sheathe Combo 2

    • X> ZR + A> ZR + B

    The Foresight Slash Combo requires dodging an enemy attack with the Foresight Slash technique's invulnerability period, which will be discussed in the next section along with Silkbind attacks.

    Ataques Foresight Slash E Silkbind

    Foresight Slash is a technique that can be performed mid-combo at any time with ZR+A. The attack animation starts with a big step back, which can be used to avoid monster attacks. If a dodge is successful, the next attack will fill the spirit meter. This can then be chained into a Spirit Roundslash with ZR. This process of dodging attacks and continuing a brutal attack requires a great deal of familiarity with a monster's attack patterns, but it's a highly satisfying skill that experienced hunters will love to use.

    Silkbind attacks are a new addition to Monster Hunter Rise. Hunters are equipped with a Wirebug, which is represented by several Wirebug symbols at the bottom of the screen. Silkbind attacks can be performed by pressing ZL+X or ZL+A and consuming one or two Wirebugs depending on the attack. These wirebugs will be available again after a short time.

    There are multiple Silkbind attacks for each weapon that are available to unlock as you progress through the game, though only two can be equipped at a time. Hunters can mix and match as they please to create a loadout that best suits their individual tastes and strategies. The two Silkbind basic attacks that Long Sword users can start with are as follows:

    • Soaring Kick – The hunter launches a jumping kick. If connected, a Plunging Thrust is triggered. Landing the Plunging Thrust causes the spirit meter to automatically fill for a period of time. If ZR is pressed when landing the initial kick, the attack will become a Spirit Helm Breaker that deals massive damage at the cost of one Spirit Gauge level. It costs 1 wirebug meter.
    • Serene Pose – A Wirebug silk web is woven in front of the hunter, who will ready his weapon. If a monster attack connects with the web, a fast and powerful counterattack will occur. It costs 2 wirebug meters.

    After becoming familiar with the Long Sword, many players will likely want to try other weapons as well. Each playstyle is unique and varied, giving Monster Hunter Rise the feel of a new game just by equipping a different weapon. With so many monsters to hunt, fans are sure to appreciate having a plethora of strategies to choose from.

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