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    Monster Hunter Rise: Guia Completo da Hunting Horn

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    This guide will put players on the path to becoming experts in the weapon needed to support the party and attack monsters in Monster Hunter Rise.

    Monster Hunter Rise is the latest game in a long series. The appeal of Monster Hunter is that players can team up to challenge powerful and incredible creatures and then use materials obtained from quests to craft new gear for the next big hunt. Monster Hunter Rise features 14 returning weapon types that have been revamped to suit the new gameplay elements introduced in the latest game. But the weapon that has changed the most from previous games is the Hunting Horn.

    In the Monster Hunter Rise demo that was released ahead of the game's launch on March 26, players got a chance to see for themselves how much the Hunting Horn and other weapons have changed. The Hunting Horn has always been considered a support weapon throughout the series' history. That's still true, but in Monster Hunter Rise it's easier than ever to perform songs that boost stats while still doing a lot of damage to monsters. This guide will put hunters on the right path to getting the most out of this unique weapon type.

    Controles E Combos do Hunting Horn

    The basic commands for Hunting Horn are as follows:

    • X – Swing left
    • A – Swing right
    • X + A – Back strike
    • ZR - Run
    • ZR + X – Magnificent Trio

    When performing basic attacks with X, A, or X+A, musical notes will be generated in the Music Team under the player's health meter. Unlike previous Monster Hunter titles, Hunting Horn's backing songs will automatically play when lining up the correct notes. No extra actions are needed to improve or heal the party. For example, Hunting Horn causes a defense effect after two X commands or an attack effect after two A commands. Possible melody effects can be seen on the screen and in the Hunter's Notes menu.

    Magnificent Trio is a special attack that can be performed if each of the three types of notes is present in the musician's Musical Staff. It can be used immediately after a combo of A > X > X + A, for example. The Magnificent Trio will instantly activate all available melody effects. It's also a powerful attack with a long animation, which makes it great for punishing a monster that has been stunned, trapped, or killed in any way.

    Some useful combos for hunting horn are as follows:

    Stationary Combo

    • A > X > A > (left stick) + B > Repeat
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    forward combo

    • (Left stick) + X > X + A > A > X + A

    Magnificent Trio Combo

    • A > X > X + A > ZR + X

    high power combo

    • ZR + X> ZR> A> ZR> X + A> ZL + A

    This last combo assumes the Magnificent Trio is ready and uses the Perform action to trigger Infernal Melody as well as Silkbind attacks, both of which will be discussed in the next section.

    Infernal Attacks Melody And Silkbind

    In addition to the Music Team, players who wield a Hunting Horn will have another element added to their HUD, the Infernal Melody gauge. This gauge fills as the hunter attacks a monster. Once complete, using the Perform action with ZR after a Magnificent Trio or Slide Beat Silkbind attack will activate the Song of Raging Flame. This is a temporary but effective attack boost.

    Silkbind attacks are a fun new addition to Monster Hunter Rise. Hunters are equipped with a Wirebug, which is represented on-screen by several Wirebug symbols at the bottom of the screen. Silkbind attacks can be performed by pressing ZL+X or ZL+A and consuming one or two Wirebugs depending on the attack. These wirebugs will be available again after a short time.

    In the full version of Monster Hunter Rise, players will have access to multiple Silkbind attacks for each weapon. They will be able to mix and match as they please to create a loadout that best suits their individual tastes and strategies.

    • Slide Beat – Boosts the hunter into a spinning attack. Also grants the self-improvement and attack power-boosting melody effects. It costs 1 wirebug meter.
    • Earthshaker – A powerful technique that hurls a blade at the opposing monster and transmits thunderous sonic attacks. Costs 2 Wirebug meters (Note: can be a difficult attack to hit without latching onto the target monster).

    There are many other types of weapons to master in Monster Hunter Rise and many other monsters to hunt. Stay tuned to our website for more game guides.

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