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    MLB The Show 21 runs better on PlayStation 5 compared to Xbox Series X, according to a report

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    Source: PlayStation

    MLB The Show 21 seems to work better on PlayStation 5 than not Xbox Series X, according to a report by the Digital Foundry . 

    The next generation console from Sony seems to have a framerate advantage when it comes to running the first multiplatform game in the PlayStation Studios

    Both the consoles experienced some framerate drops, but the Xbox Series X “drops more” by up to 11fps at times.

    Source: PlayStation

    “All versions run at an unlocked frame rate, limited only by v-sync at 60fps. The actual action in the game runs at almost locked 60fps on the PlayStation 5 and is pretty much the same on the Series X, just a little less stable. 

    However, it is in the game scenes (or rather, in the 'presentations') that the San Diego Studio pushes graphics much harder. 

    The frame-rate fails on all machines and this is where we see that the Xbox Series X occasionally matches the PS5, but more often drops more, by a factor of around 9-11 fps,” states the editor of Digital Foundry, Richard Leadbetter.

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    “The Xbox Series S at 1080p operates the same as the Series X, sometimes a little smoother, but most of the time 2-3 fps slower. 

    In terms of new consoles, then, the overall hierarchy is pretty clear and pretty predictable, I would say, when you're looking at a studio transitioning from single-format to cross-platform development for the first time,” he continued.

    Fonte: PlayStation

    However, on last-gen consoles, the Xbox One X runs up to 7 fps better. Leadbetter noted that the difference compared to next-gen consoles is that game sections consistently render below 60fps. 

    You have the option of downsampling to 1080p, giving you a frame rate consistently close to 60.

    Explaining some of the other differences between how the game works on next-gen consoles, Leadbetter said that the PS5 version has a bit of DualSense support that is obviously lacking on the Series X, and that the game loaded in eight seconds on the PS5, as opposed to twelve in the X Series.

    You'll want every frame you can get with MLB The Show 21 if you want to earn a particular trophy. 

    The game includes a trophy called “ cut firewood “. To win it, you must throw the ball so hard and fast that it breaks the batsman's bat.

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