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    MLB The Show 21: June Player of the Month: Release Date, Predictions, More

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    Another pastime month from America has come and gone, and within MLB The Show 21 there will soon be another Player of the Month card coming to the Diamond Dynasty. 

    MLB The Show has made leaps and bounds over the years and this time it brought massive news as it was the first time the game was released for Xbox. The game bolsters a number of game modes, but none are more popular than Diamond Dynasty.

    the equivalent of Ultimate Team da FIFA , MLB The Show 21 features a ton of weekly shows to unlock new cards, but every month they release a special Player of the Month card, for the top performing player in last month's majors.

    These cards are in high demand as players are still using April's POTM, Byron Buxton. So let's take a look at who could be the next POTM card within The Show.

    San Diego Studio

    The July Inning Program offers some stellar rewards for players!

    When is the June Player of the Month card released?

    The Show normally releases this special card, along with accompanying challenges and other POTM variants for the first or second week of the following month.

    While the Diamond card is a valuable asset in this new set of players, other players will receive Gold cards that you can unlock along the way. Also, a good tip for quickly progressing in challenges is to complete the game's missions with the cards you unlock within the set.

    MLB The Show has noted that it will announce who is lowering the June POTM on July 7, 2021, so expect the new set of cards to release in the next week or so.

    Player predictions for the month of June

    With only one player getting the grace of being the enlightenment card, there are a few players we can improve that will be taken into consideration in the run-up to the official announcement.

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    San Diego Studio

    Tatis Jr. Foi um dos candidates a MVP este ano mais uma vez.

    Below is who we think could be chosen for the lighting card for the month of June.

    • Kyle Schwarber – Washington Nationals
      • 28 hits, 16 HR, 30 RBI, 0,280 AVG, 0,362 OBP, 0,760 SLG, 1,122 OPS
    • Bryan Reynolds – Pittsburgh Pirates
      • 35 Hits, 7 HR, 22 RBI, 11 Walks, 0,376 AVG, 0,442 OBP, 0,645 SLG, 1,087 OPS
    • Joey Gallo – Texas Rangers
      • 20 Hits, 10 HR, 18 RBI, 23 Walks, 0,263 AVG, 0,443 OBP, 0,671 SLG, 1,105 OPS
    • Matt Olson – Oakland A’s
      • 34 Hits, 7 HR, 20 RBI, 11 Walks, 0,340 AVG, 0,409 OBP, 0,610 SLG, 1,019 OPS
    • Shohei Ohtani – Los Angeles Angels
      • 25 Hits, 13 HR, 23 RBI, 16 Walks, 0,309 AVG, 0,423 OBP, 0,889 SLG, 1,312 OPS
      • 23,2 IP, 5 GS, 4,94 ERA, 33 SO, 1,31 WHIP
    • Jacob DeGron – New York Mets
      • 27,0 IP, 3-0 GS, 5 ERA, 0,67 SO, 46 hikes, 4 WHIP
    • Kyle Gibson – Texas Rangers
      • 29,2 IP, 3-0 GS, 5 ERA, 1,52 SO, 26 hikes, 7 WHIP
    • Sean Manaea - Oakland A's
      • 32,0 IP, 3-2, 5GS, 1,18 ERA, 34 SO, 10 hikes, 0,97 ERA

    A slew of players had stellar performances throughout June ahead of the MLB All-Star break, but Washington Nationals hitter Kyle Schwarber is our standout pick.

    Conquering the league-leading 16 HR in just 18 games is excellent to say the least, too, his 1.122 OPS is nothing short of magical.

    Previous Player of the Month Winners

    Below is a quick rundown of who has received lighting cards so far on MLB The Show 21.

    May 2021 – Marcus Semien – Toronto Blue Jays

    April 2021 – Byron Buxton – Minnesota Twins

    Don't forget to let us know who you think deserves the next Player of the Month card on MLB The Show 21!

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