Minecraft: How to tame a goat, all about screaming goats and goat horns

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See how to tame a goat in Minecraft

the goats are among the most adorable mobs in Minecraft 1.17. Found in mountainous biomes and capable of jumping great heights, there are some hidden depths in this crowd that we'll explain next.

Read on to find out how to raise goats , how screeching goats and the strike work, and (for Bedrock players) how you can obtain and use goat horns.

How to tame and breed a goat in Minecraft 1.17

Goats are neutral mobs that cannot be tamed, but can be compelled to breed with another goat. Goats can be fed wheat , which will make them enter the “Love Mode”. If two goats nearby are in “Love Mode”, they will breed and produce a baby goat.

Goats will also follow you if you are holding Wheat in your hand, which helps when you try to bring two Goats together. You can also feed a baby goat wheat to speed up its growth rate.

Goats are useful mainly because they are a source of milk. To milk a goat, simply right-click on an empty Bucket on the goat. Otherwise, they are not particularly practical animals to keep around because, unlike horses, they cannot be ridden.

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Explanation of ramming goats and screaming goats

All Goats have an internal timer, which varies from 30 to 300 seconds. When that time has elapsed, the goat will hit a nearby player or mob (except for other goats) if the target hasn't moved in that amount of time.

If a goat hits something, it doesn't deal damage, but knocks it backwards, which can cause some nasty falls and potentially even death. Baby goats can also collide, though they won't push their target back that far.

About 1 in 50 goats are screaming goats. These goats are identical to other goats, but they make, you guessed it, screaming noises periodically and also hatch much more often (their internal timer is set to just 5-15 seconds).

Goat horns (Bedrock edition only!)

Goat horns are an item that only exists in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, not Java Edition. In Bedrock, if a goat breaks a solid block, it will drop one of its horns, until it has run out of horns.

When you right-click with a goat horn in your hand, a war horn sound plays.

Again, this is just the case for Bedrock Edition. In Java, the only thing you can get from a goat is milk.

Thus, concludes this page about Goats in Minecraft. For information on other 1.17 additions, be sure to check our minecraft page and stay on top of everything.

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