Minecraft: How to make the lightning rod and how the item works

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Here is the lightning rod recipe and how the item works.

The update of Minecraft 1.17 was robust, adding a huge number of block types, items, creatures, and more. A rather unassuming addition is the lightning rod which can be used not only to deflect, but also harness the power of lightning during a storm.

If you like the sound of this, read on as we show you. how to create a lightning rod and then how to use it to protect your builds and send redstone signals through all your contraptions.

Lightning rod revenue

To create a lightning rod, you need to place 3 copper ingots in a vertical line , one on top of the other, on a table handicraft .

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This will create a single lightning rod that you can place wherever you like - but make sure you use a Stone Pickaxe or higher quality if you want to pick it up again. If you're not sure how to get your hands on copper ingots, be sure to check out our about page. how to find, mine and use copper in minecraft 1.17 .

What does the lightning rod do?

As you might expect from the name, the lightning rod in Minecraft is used to deflect lightning during storms. You can place a lightning rod on a surface either vertically or horizontally, and it will redirect any lightning that would have hit anywhere in a 32x4x32 area around it, so that the lightning strikes the top of the rod.

This is useful in two ways. First: it protects the areas from the destructive effects of lightning. Lightning often results in fires that can destroy wooden houses and other flammable structures, so lightning rods are a godsend here.

The other useful thing is that a lightning rod will send out a redstone signal when struck by lightning, which means it has interesting applications in redstone circuits. But I'll leave it to someone who understands such topics better to explain how you can take advantage of it.

Image Credits: Mojang Studios , Xbox Game Studios

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