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    Minecraft: How to make a barrel

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    No Minecraft, players need a lot of storage for all their materials and can use basic chests or lesser-known barrels.

    No  Minecraft , inventory management and storage are some of the most important things for players. 

    Keeping items organized and accessible to everyone a player is crafting with can be critical to co-op play. In addition to a trunk Minecraft , there is another type of storage players can make: the barrel.


    Barrels are wooden storage containers made from different types of wood. It works almost identically to a chest. 

    Both chests and barrels can be moved by pistons, water, and lava, and both have 27 internal object slots. Both can be used as fuel inside furnaces and blast furnaces of the Minecraft . 

    Despite their similarities, however, barrels have a distinct advantage. They don't need an empty space above them to open.

    This one difference can make kegs a much better storage solution in small, tight spaces. 

    Since players can stack barrels and still open them, they can also be used to build and decorate, as well as provide storage. And luckily for players, the recipe isn't much more complicated than making a basic chest.

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    make barrels in  Minecraft requires different recipes depending on which version of the game the player is using. Java editions and Bedrock editions of Minecraft  have their own barrel recipes, which require wooden planks and boards or wooden sticks and boards. 

    Wood boards are half-height wooden blocks made by combining three identical boards; this recipe makes six wooden planks of the same type.

    Fonte: Mojang Studios , Xbox Game Studios , Telltale Games , 4J Studios , Double Eleven , Other Ocean Interactive

    Both recipes require a wooden board of any kind for the top and bottom, but the Bedrock Edition requires six sticks to complete the recipe, while the Minecraft Java Edition  needs six boards to finish. Regardless of the color and type of planks and wooden boards, the color of the barrel remains the same.


    • Barrels are blocks of workplaces; they can be used for a chance to transform villagers from the Minecraft in fishermen.
    • Up to three empty barrels can spawn in a fisherman's house.
    • Barrels can be mined with any tool or bare-handed, but the ax will break them faster.
    • When placed under a notepad, barrels create bass tones.
    • When in the Nether, players who open barrels near piglins will attack them.
    • They can be filled by dropper and emptied with funnels.
    • The Java edition of Minecraft added barrels in 1.14. Bedrock Edition added them in 1.9.0.

    O Minecraft  is available for all major platforms.

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