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Here's How To Get Powder Snow Easily In Minecraft

Powder Snow is one of the trickiest new features in the Minecraft 1.17. A trap block that the playerbase will no doubt find endless, fascinating and nefarious uses for, it can be quite difficult to find Powder Snow that has spawned naturally.

This page will guide you through how to get powder snow in minecraft with ease as well as how powder snow really works as a trap block.

How to get powder snow in Minecraft 1.17

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Powder snow naturally spawns in areas where there is normal snow and it seems indistinguishable from normal snow, so the only way to find it naturally is to literally stumble across it.

Fortunately, there is a much easier method. To get powdered snow, place a cauldron outside in a snowy biome while it's snowing . The cauldron will slowly fill with powder snow, and when it is full, you can right-click the cauldron with an empty bucket to get a powder snow bucket.

Once you get a Bucket of Powder Snow, you can right-click it on the ground to create a Block of Powder Snow. Powder snow blocks cannot be mined; you can only pick it up again by right clicking on the block with an empty Bucket.

As for what powder snow actually does: it's a trap block. All entities (including players) will sink into a block of powdery snow if they walk on it. After 7 seconds of contacting the block, the player will start taking freeze damage (1 HP for 2 seconds).

Over the course of these 7 seconds, you will see a vignette of ice begin to dye the edges of the screen to indicate danger. Fortunately, there is a defense: leather armor. Any piece of leather armor worn will nullify the freeze effect, and if you're wearing leather boots, you won't fall into powder snow.

A few other things worth knowing before we close this article. First, powder snow melts if exposed to fire, which is to be expected. Second: a skeleton trapped inside the powder snow long enough will become a lost one (read: an ice skeleton). Stray will spawn at full HP even if the previous Skeleton is damaged. Interesting, no?

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