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No Minecraft, players can carve faces into pumpkins in celebration of the Halloween, to use as a helmet or just to decorate at any time of the year.

O Minecraft  allows players to grow a variety of different types of vegetables around their homes. Players can use them to craft healing foods, feed their livestock, and even create various potion recipes from the Minecraft . But there's only one plant players can currently carve: the pumpkin.


Pumpkins usually grow in any of the grassy biomes of the Overworld. Players can find them in just about any space that is empty of other plants, but they most often grow on hills and mountains. 

Seeds can be extracted from pumpkins, allowing players to plant and grow them on their own farms. Pumpkins can also occasionally be found in treasure chests in shipwrecks and in villages.


Pumpkins are currently used in various recipes in the Minecraft , some of which require the pumpkin to be carved first. These recipes are:

  • A Minecraft Iron Golem – A carved pumpkin and four iron blocks
  • A Snow Golem – A carved pumpkin and two blocks of snow
  • Jack-o-lantern – a carved pumpkin and a torch
  • Pumpkin Pie – Pumpkin, sugar and egg
  • Pumpkin seeds – 1 pumpkin
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These giant gourds can be worn on the player's head and can also be placed in note boxes to create didgeridoo-like sounds.

Source: minecraft


To carve a pumpkin, players first need scissors. Scissors are primarily used to obtain sheep's wool and honey from beehives, but can also be used to harvest certain blocks. To make scissors, players will need two iron ingots, made by smelting iron ore in a furnace. 

Iron ore can be found anywhere underground; players probably have a lot of prospectors looking for other rarer rocks like redstone ou minecraft diamonds .

After making the scissors, place a pumpkin on the ground and select the scissors. Press the use button on the pumpkin, and a scary face will appear. Players can now use it, put a torch on it, or even make a golem friend to protect their homes.

Jack-o'-lanterns are excellent decorations and sources of light in Halloween-themed or spooky haunted buildings. 

Players can also stack these carved pumpkins, creating a tower of spooky faces in their seed pods. Minecraft . Pumpkins can also drop seeds when carved, so players must pick them up and use them to feed and raise chickens and grow even more pumpkins on their farms.

O Minecraft  is available for cell, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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