Minecraft Enchantment List: How to Make and How to Use an Enchantment Table

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A complete list of enchantments available with an enchantment table from the Minecraft.

the enchantments are a very important part of preparing in Minecraft. Over the past decade, the list of enchantments has grown more and more, and it's always good to remember which enchantments are incompatible with each other and which types of materials offer the strongest enchantments.

If you want a deep understanding of the mechanics of enchantment or just want to know how to make a charming table , read on to find the answers you're looking for.

Minecraft enchantment list

EnchantmentEffectApplicable Itemsincompatible withMaximum level
UnbreakableIncreases durabilityAll weapons, armor and tools3
patchingOrbs XP consertam o itemAll weapons, armor and toolsinfinity1
Curse of DisappearanceItem is destroyed on deathAll weapons, armor and tools1
Fire AspectSet the target on fireSword2
KnockbackHit mobs are thrown backSword2
pillageExtra loot from mobs killed by weaponSword3
Sweeping Edge (Java only)DMG bonus sweep attackSword3
Cursed of ArthropodsSlows down and offers bonus DMG vs spiders, silverfish, endermites and beesSword, Machado*Sharpness, Smite5
SharpnessIncrease DMGSword, Machado*Cursed of Arthropods, Smite5
rumbleBonus DMG vs undead mobsSword, Machado*Bane of Arthropods, Sharpness5
Efficiency (Axe)Increases chance of stun against shieldsAx5
impalingBonus DMG vs mobs that spawn the oceanTrident5
PlumbingDuring storms, lightning strikes the target struck by TridentTridentcurrent1
LoyaltyTrident returns after being releasedTridentcurrent3
currentTrident launches player with itself when cast, only works in water or rainTridentChanneling, Loyalty3
FlameArrows set targets on firebow1
infinityShooting does not consume arrowsbowpatching1
PowerIncrease DMGbow5
SocoIncreases arrow thrustbow2
MultishotShoot 3 arrows at onceBeastPiercing1
PiercingArrows can pass through enemies and shieldsBeastMultishot4
Fast chargeFaster recharge timeBeast3
Efficiency (tools)Increases mining speedTools5
FortunaThe chance of duplicate items decreases when mining certain blocksToolsSilk touch3
Silk touchMined blocks fall down exactly as they are.ToolsFortuna1
luck of the seaIncrease the chances of finding rare items while fishingfishing rod3
To attractReduce the wait time for fish, garbage and loot to “bite”fishing rod3
curse of the mooringItems cannot be removed from armor slots unless it is due to breakage or deatharmor*1
explosion protectionDecreases explosion DMG and knockbackarmorAnother protection enchants4
Fire protectionDecreases fire DMG and burn timearmorAnother protection enchants4
Projectile ProtectionDecreases projectile damagearmorAnother protection enchants4
ProtectionDecreases damage takenarmorAnother protection enchants4
Aqua AffinityIncreases underwater mining speedHelmet, Turtle Shell1
BreathIncreases underwater breathing timeHelmet, Turtle Shell3
thornsReflects some of the damage taken from being hit, but reduces durabilityChestplate, Armor *3
Depth StriderIncreases underwater movement speedFootball bootsFrost Walker3
Frost WalkerTransforms water below player to frozen ice, immunity to magma blockage damageFootball bootsDepth Strider2
Feather fallingDecreases fall damageFootball boots4
Soul SpeedIncreases movement speed in Soul SandFootball boots3

* Asterisks indicate that enchantment can only be applied to that type of item by using an Enchanted Book on the item; they cannot receive said enchantment directly from the Enchanting Table.

How to make a charming table

To make an Enchanting Table, you need to combine 4 Obsidian, 2 Diamonds and a Book on a Crafting Table, in the following arrangement:

Wherever you place your Enchanting Table in your base or house, you must surround it with Bookcase blocks (each with an air block between itself and the Enchanting Table). Each shelf block in range will increase the maximum possible enchant level by +2, so to reach the maximum enchant level of 30 you will need 15 bookshelves arranged in an outline around your desk. enchantment , as shown in the image below.

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How does Enchanting work in Minecraft?

To enchant an item, right-click on an Enchant Table and place the item in the first slot. Three enchantment options will appear for you to select from.

Place 1-3 Lapis Lazuli in the second slot to unlock the different enchantments available (top enchantment requires 1 Lapis, medium requires 2, bottom requires 3).

Hover over each enchantment to see the enchantment type and level. Then click on the desired enchantment to apply it to your item. That's all there is to it!

In fact, this is a blatant lie. Enchanting has a lot more than meets the eye. Aside from surrounding your enchantment table with bookshelves, another way to increase your chances of getting high-level enchantments is to increase your XP level. An XP level of 30 will unlock the most powerful enchantments.

It's also worth knowing that the material type of the item you're enchanting influences the likelihood of more powerful enchantments spawning. The type of material with the highest "enchantment" is Gold , followed by Netherite , Leather and Chain (for Armor) or Wood and Iron (for weapons and tools).

An item can contain multiple enchantments as long as they do not conflict with each other (see enchantment table above). 

You cannot have an item with two of the same enchantment type, but many enchantment types have different power levels. Sharpness, for example, has five levels, with Sharpness V (5) offering the most damage potential.

Image Credits: Mojang Studios , Xbox Game Studios , Telltale Games , 4J studios , Double eleven , Other Ocean Interactive

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