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    Minecraft Dungeons: How to unlock all secret levels

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    If you played Minecraft Dungeons recently it may have discovered that there are some secret levels that can be discovered in addition to the main story quests. Some of these levels are easy to find, while others can be a little tricky. In this guide, we will see how to unlock all Minecraft Dungeons secret levels. 


    Em Minecraft Dungeons, players are no longer focused on crafting and gathering materials, but instead are busy exploring randomly generated dungeons. 

    With a main focus on the main story mode, you'll likely want to play through all of the Secret Dungeon levels in the game. Minecraft, so you can gather some extra items to help you through the main levels. 

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    There are five secret levels in Minecraft Dungeons. In the list below, we detail each of the hidden missions, as well as their location and a brief description of how to unlock them.

    Name:Address:How to unlock:
    Arch Havenpumpkin pasturesYou will find the map for the hidden level located on a pirate ship. Go to the bottom of the ship and look for the map on the other side of the room. Survive the horde of enemies to unlock the Arch Haven level.  
    Scary CryptcreepersSearch Creepy Crypt until you see a hidden path on the left side of the screen. This should lead to a circular area. Follow the path until you reach a temple and press the button to enter. Once inside, locate the green map to unlock the Creepy Crypt level. 
    Moo?CampingThis one is difficult. First, beat the game on standard difficulty. Then visit a dog painting located near the church near the camp. Track down all ten hidden locations of the runes and then go back to the church and interact with a special button to unlock the Moo? level. 
    soggy cavernsoggy swampGo to the second part of the Soggy Cave area and start exploring the dungeons on the left side of the screen. You'll know you're in the right cave if you find some ruins, if not, keep looking. When you're in the right cave. Continue on and complete both puzzles to unlock the Soggy Cave level. 
    UnderhallsHighblock HallsLook for a set of stairs at the beginning of the level. Go down the steps and look for a shield on the wall. When you find the shield, interact with the shield to open a secret tunnel that will unlock the Underhalls level. 

    It's worth noting that levels in Minecraft Dungeons are randomly generated, which means it's difficult to share the exact location of each secret level entry. However, if you follow the table above, you should have a good idea of ​​what you're looking for.

    If you're having trouble, it might be worth inviting a few friends over to your game and playing split-screen so you have multiple people looking for the entries. Also, some will be easier to find than others. 

    Specifically, the Moo? The secret level will be the hardest to unlock because you need to beat the game and track down 10 hidden runes. 

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