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    Minecraft Dungeons: How to get the Iron Golem Artifact

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    There are a plethora of powerful items players can acquire when playing Minecraft Dungeons to help them defeat their enemies. One such formidable item is the Iron Golem Artifact, which players can use to summon the item's namesake creature to defend them in battle. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about how to get this item in dungeons. 


    Players will now not be able to obtain the Iron Golem Artifact during the first playthrough of the game. They will actually have to complete the game twice to unlock the Apocalypse difficulty. 

    Once you have unlocked the Apocalypse difficulty, this particular item will be added to the rotation of artifacts players can obtain. He will have a chance to drop to the level of the Pumpkin Pasture when players are passing through it. 

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    You can also get it randomly using the Wandering Trader in your camp, where you can exchange gems for random artifacts.

    Players who acquire and equip this artifact will be able to summon an Iron Golem at will and help it fight every enemy that wants them to harm them in the world. 

    Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way for players to acquire the Iron Golem Artifact after unlocking it by getting the Apocalypse difficulty. All you can do is play and hope the RNG gods bless you when you get your next bounty.

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