Minecraft Caverns and Cliffs Update Split in Two, Part One Coming This Summer

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Minecraft's Caves & Cliffs update has been split into two separate updates, with the first still set to arrive this year. Mojang explained the change, saying the update's ambition made it difficult to stick to the original schedule. The second part of the Caves & Cliffs update will now be released this holiday season.

"We know this news is disappointing to many of you, but there are several reasons for this change," Mojang said in a statement. “First and foremost, we strive to deliver the most refined experience possible, and including all of the Caves & Cliffs features in the summer update would mean compromising on quality.

And while occasional bugs are a reality in game development, we want this update to be an amazing experience without wreaking havoc on your meticulously crafted worlds.”

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In particular, Mojang said, the update is set to introduce a complete overhaul in the overworld generation, which also affects caves and mountains naturally. “Not only do we have to consider all the effects this could have on the world, but also how it will affect performance. Basically having more stuff in the game also makes the game slower and we want to avoid that.”

Finally, it said that finishing the update this summer would require very long hours, suggesting that part of the decision was to avoid crunch. And, of course, the pandemic exacerbates these problems, both in terms of morale and in terms of impeding teamwork. The studio said not having the ability to talk to co-workers "makes everything take longer."

The team has promised to feature deep dives in the Caves & Cliffs update in the coming weeks. In a video accompanying the announcement, the team said the first update will focus more on blocks and mobs rather than world generation, including some tweaks to resources like copper and geodes.

As originally described, the Caves & Cliffs update was supposed to feature more varied cave interiors and a smarter mountain generation. There will be more things to do inside these caves, like using archeology tools to dig for ruins and artifacts. 

Now, for example, with the update being split in two, mobs like mountain goats will appear in the summer update, while the upgraded mountains themselves will be saved for the winter update.

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