Midnight Club Los Angeles: Complete Edition Returns to Xbox Marketplace

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Source: Rockstar Games

The racing game Midnight Club: Los Angeles is re-listed on the Xbox 360 store for an unknown reason, and Rockstar Games has not said anything about it.

Fans of the Midnight Club series by Rockstar Games  are waiting for a new entry since Midnight Club de  Los Angeles . While there have been no updates on the series from Rockstar Games, there has been an unparalleled amount of activity with previous entries in the series, including the return of Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles has been pulled from the store's Xbox 360 in October of 2018. Fans theorized that the game was canceled because Rockstar Games did not want to renew licenses to use music during the game or in its various real-world cars. 

The rest of the series was also dropped from the list of major digital platforms, although Midnight Club 2 briefly returned to Steam  this month before being quickly taken off the list.

Source: Rockstar Games
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Now, Midnight Club: Los Angeles is again available on the Xbox 360 store. Nothing has been said about the game's return from Xbox or Rockstar Games, but the title is available. However, the title was not re-listed in the PlayStation Store ou Steam yet. 

It's unclear whether or not this is an intentional relocation of the game, or if it will be pulled from the store soon, so fans who are wondering why there hasn't been a new Midnight Club should get it quickly, just in case.

The re-listing comes at the end of an awkward week for Rockstar Games. not only  Midnight Club 2 was briefly re-listed on Steam, but at the same time many Rockstar Games titles simply disappeared from Steam, and there's still no word on what happened. All the activity has Rockstar fans speculating about what this could mean for the company, but there's very little to come out of.

However, the E3 2021 is rapidly approaching and, with the participation of Take-Two , the parent company of Rockstar Games , it is possible that all this unorthodox activity is a consequence of the company's preparation for an announcement. 

It's not yet clear what kind of announcements the company will make at the convention, as Rockstar has several successful series that could generate big announcements. Whether it's the long-awaited announcement of the  Grand Theft Auto 6 or a new Midnight Club, I hope Rockstar Games has something exciting to show fans.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles now is available for PC, PS3 e Xbox 360.

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