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    Microsoft reportedly only has three months of exclusivity on STALKER 2

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    Allegedly leaked documents also show that its profit share will be equal to that of the Epic Games Store.

    Allegedly leaked documents that also show Microsoft's plan to cut its profit share for games sold on the Xbox Store also suggest that STALKER 2 won't be an Xbox exclusive console for long.

    Currently set for a 30% revenue split on game sales, the Xbox Store will shift to give Microsoft just 12% of profits from digital game sales, according to court documents obtained by The Verge that also touch on a period of potentially very limited exclusivity for STALKER 2. According to the document, it will only be on Microsoft systems for three months before it can make its way to other platforms.

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    Tetris Effect: Connected is listed with a six-month exclusivity period in Connected updates, meaning they will likely be coming to PS4 very soon. Meanwhile, The Gunk will never come to other platforms, if the doc is accurate, and will be available on Game Pass "forever".

    The documents say the Xbox Store change will happen sometime this year, but it's unclear whether a clause requiring exclusive streaming rights for PC games will go into effect. PC games that use splitting need to be on xCloud, if it still is.

    However, not everyone is so sure that this generous profit sharing will be implemented. NPD analyst Mat Piscatella is skeptical, tweeting that the increase in audience size such a movement would encourage would need to be "massive" to work.

    If real, the math behind this decision would be most interesting. That cut is massive, and the increase in audience size and revs that would be needed to make this decision profitable even massive-er.

    So I lean towards this not being real, because that math hurts the brain.

    — Mat Piscatella (@MatPiscatella) May 2, 2021

    Microsoft has more money than Scrooge McDuck, however, so it's quite possible that the company will be willing to take a hit for years to further strengthen the Xbox brand. Its profits in just three months were high enough to pay its $7,5 billion purchase of ZeniMax twice.

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