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    Microsoft launches Xbox Series X/S 'Electric Volt' controller

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    Source: Xbox

    Microsoft releases the fifth color variation in the new generation of Xbox controllers.

    A Microsoft debuted the new controls of the Xbox in November alongside Xbox Series X/S consoles. The new Xbox controllers feature improvements over previous models such as a new dedicated share button, textured triggers, and the ability to connect to multiple devices, including Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One e PCs .

    The Daystrike Camo and Electric Volt controllers were revealed last month, and now the Xbox Electric Volt controller is officially available.

    controle Electric Volt do Xbox is done with "yellow resin“, a first for Xbox controllers. Next-gen Xbox controllers are all made with recycled resin of various plastics, which gives them unique and vivid colors. The control Electric Volt is available on the Microsoft Store website for $64,99.

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    Source: Xbox

    The Electric Volt controller is listed at the same price as the recently released Pulse Red Xbox controller. The Electric Volt controller also matches the Pulse Red controller in terms of color designs, as they both have solid color faceplates but feature a white backplate, which gives the controller a distinct contrast.

    O Cloud Gaming can reach the iPhones sooner than expected. Xbox has announced that a limited, invite-only beta test of Cloud Gaming is rolling out for iOS and web browsers. 

    If the streaming service reaches the iOS soon, millions of users will be able to subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass, giving them access to over 100 game titles that can be played on their mobile devices. 

    When iOS users get Game Pass, the new generation of Xbox controllers, including the Electric Volt released today, will be able to connect to your mobile device.

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