Metroid Dread: How to find and defeat Drogyga (boss guide)

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Samus encounters tough boss fights in Metroid dread , including the fourth boss, Drogyga. Fighting Drogyga isn't as difficult as some other boss fights in the game, but it still poses a challenge without the right know-how. Drogyga is an underwater boss fight, which means players have to face the effects of water in order to defeat it.

Players must defeat the first three bosses before encountering Drogyga: Corpious in Artaria, Kraid in Cataris' hot zone, and soldier Chozo in Ferenia. Drogyga is in Burenia, at the end of the passage opened by soldier Chozo. Players will stumble across Drogyga before the area containing the elevator to Ghavoran. Players are taken underwater to Drogyga, where their movement is hampered by the weight of the water.

Since the boss fight against Drogyga is underwater, players cannot use Samus' speed in her Morph Ball form to their advantage. 

Instead, players should focus on proper timing to avoid Drogyga's attacks and deal damage in the process. Samus moves extremely slowly in the water, so players must use the magnetic spider pad to cross the sides of the stage. The player's main objective is to drain water from the stage and damage Drogyga while she is dry.

Defeating Boss Drogyga, Fighting In Metroid Dread

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To start dealing damage to Drogyga in Metroid Dread, Samus must shoot the glowing tentacle at the top of the stage to activate the drain process. After the glowing tentacle takes enough damage, players must fire a charge beam at the glowing buttons on either side of the stage. 

The water will drain and players can shoot Drogyga with Samus' arsenal of weapons to drain her health. Before Drogyga fills the stage with water again, he attacks with a tentacle blow that can be neutralized to gather health and ammo.

Players must constantly dodge Drogyga's attacks to stay alive. The boss has two attacks: lightning bolts that fall from above and tentacles that attack and stab Samus. 

Wisps can be destroyed with weapons, and since players are shooting at the glowing tentacle anyway, it's easy to take down the wisps. Red beams take longer to explode compared to blue beams, so players should aim the beams carefully to maximize damage. 

Drogyga's tentacle attacks can be avoided by jumping and using the spider magnet. However, Samus' movement underwater is significantly reduced. Because of this, players must time their jumps correctly to avoid getting hit by repeated tentacle attacks.

Players must repeat the process of shooting the glowing tentacle, draining the stage, and shooting Drogyga to finally defeat the fourth boss in Metroid Dread. From this fight, they can take the elevator to Ghavoran to continue the main story.

Metroid dread is available on Nintendo Switch.

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