Mass Effect: N7 Clock set for release next week

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This watch Mass Effect will cost $75.

After recent news about the upcoming legendary edition of Mass Effect , it has now been announced that the game will also have its own themed wristwatch. Scheduled for release next week, you can buy one for yourself from the Gear Shop at BioWare for $75 (392,20 Reais).

Considering the watch's $75 price tag, you'd think it was some kind of smartwatch, right? Well, you would be wrong to assume that, because according to the information we have at hand, it will just be a regular wristwatch with a Mass Effect funky to add to the look department. 

The clock, called Mass Effect N7 Watch, will be launched in the online store on the day May 14, along with other Mass Effect collectibles. Also, if you decide to get any other collector along with the N7 watch, you are eligible to get 20% off the watch.

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Fonte: Mass Effect

Although expensive, the watch looks elegant in all fairness. The watch head consists of a generally drab color palette, with only the “7” on the watch being red. The rest appears to be a mix of black, gray and white, all giving the piece an elegant finish. 

In the middle, you see the N7's chunky logo, as seen on the armor of various characters in the games. Mass Effect, among other places. Behind the logo, you see a carbon fiber texture, adding to the watch's sleek look – perhaps even helping the watch achieve that outside world look.

The watch was manufactured in collaboration with Meister Watches (MSTR) as they helped bring this piece to life. They are known for having high quality wristwatches and have experience with limited edition models.

A Legendary Edition of Mass Effect was announced a few weeks ago, with fans of the game eagerly awaiting the title's release. The game has amassed countless fans at its disposal with a unique gameplay experience, and now with BioWare's remaster of the game, Mass Effect fans are definitely waiting for something amazing.

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