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    Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will require 'up to 100GB of storage'

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    Fonte: Mass Effect Legendary Edition


    Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will reportedly require up to 100GB of storage space on consoles PlayStation when it launches this month.

    According to Twitter do PlayStation Game Size , the American version of the three-game collection will require storage space of about 80 GB, while the European version comes with 101 GB, presumably due to the number of languages ​​included.

    Those numbers include a significant day one patch planned for the game, which will require an 11GB download and introduce graphical and performance improvements.

    Fonte: Mass Effect Legendary Edition

    As noted by PS Game Size, the original Mass Effect games were around 23GB in size combined.

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    Mass effect legendary edition support until 120fps no Xbox Series X , until 240fps no PC and up to 60fps on all other platforms, confirmed the Electronic Arts recently.

    🚨 Orginal Version (PS3) Sizes (For Comparison) :

    🟨 Mass Effect 1 : 7.04 GB
    ⬛ Mass Effect 2 : 12.62 GB
    🟦 Mass Effect 3 : 14.1 GB

    🟩 Do not forget that in addition to being remastered, all DLCs (More Than 40) are included in this version

    — PlayStation Game Size (@PlaystationSize) May 6, 2021

    The three-game remaster collection, due to be released for PS4 , Xbox One e PC em May 14, will be “future compatible” of the Xbox Series X/S e PS5 .

    Console players can switch between Favor Quality and Favor Framerate game modes at any time on all platforms.

    Versions for PC also support refresh rates up to 240 Hz and gamers can adjust various options to find the ideal balance of graphics and performance.

    Legendary Edition will feature enhanced visuals, gameplay improvements, over 40 pieces of DLC and a modernized version of the original game.

    All three single-player games (multiplayer not included) will feature remastered character models, "tens of thousands" of improved textures, new shaders and VFX, updated lighting and shadows, as well as volumetry and depth of field, he said.

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