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    Mass Effect: Game supports 120 fps on Xbox Series X, but not on PS5

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    Mass Effect: Legendary Edition supports 120fps on XboxSeries X, but not in PlayStation 5 .

    The publisher Electronic Arts confirmed the performance difference as part of a broader analysis of expected frame rate and output resolution targets for all versions of the upcoming title.

    The three-game remaster collection, due to be released for PS4 , Xbox One e PC on May 14, it will be “future compatible” for the Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition supports up to 120 fps on Xbox Series X, up to 240 fps on PC, and up to 60 fps on all other platforms.

    Console players can switch between Favor Quality and Favor Framerate game modes at any time on all platforms.

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    The PC versions also support refresh rates up to 240 Hz and gamers can tweak various options to find the ideal balance of graphics and performance.

    This is the latest example of a next-gen cross-platform game receiving better next-gen optimization in Xbox Series X than not PS5, likely due to restrictions on how the console Sony handles backward compatibility updates.

    Enabling next-gen performance features like 120fps reportedly requires a full native port on the PS5, while Microsoft allows such features to be added via a backwards compatibility patch.

    Since the two next-gen consoles were released, a number of games, including cyberpunk 2077 , Star Wars: Squadrons , Call of Duty: War zone e Rocket League , have received performance updates for those playing on Xbox Series X, but not in PS5.

    In January, EA also released a next-gen optimization update for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 

    While this update also improved the PS5 version, its improvements were locked to 1440p at 60fps post-process. The Xbox Series X version, however, gave gamers the choice of two modes, performance (60fps and dynamic resolution up to 1440p) or normal (4K post-processing).

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