Mass Effect 2: How to Save the Patriarch

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Fonte: Mass Effect

If you want to save the Patriarch em Mass Effect 2, here's everything you need to know to do that.

In the midst of saving the entire universe, Shepard will often be asked to save individuals in Mass effect legendary edition . After all, what is a universe if all the amazing people in it are gone? 

Then again, some of the people Shepard saves aren't exactly the kind of individuals who make the galaxy a better place. Is it because Shepard believes in second chances? Or because Shepard is willing to make any deal that brings down the reapers?

This all depends on the player's choice, of course. Many of these galactic citizens can be eliminated or ignored at the expense of turning points and war resources. 

With up to hundreds of hours of gameplay and plenty of war features on the table, this isn't all that bad. And this is where the Patriarch comes in, one of those characters who stands firmly in this gray area, morally and strategically.


Fonte: Mass Effect

Players will have the option of finding the Patriarch well in advance of any mission given to him. He is in a room adjacent to the Lower Afterlife on the east side. . 

There is actually an interaction with him before a mission sends Shepard your way, so feel free to introduce the commander. This dialogue may very well influence whether players want to save Patriarch (he is giving advice on how to kill families).

Fonte: Mass Effect
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After that, go back to the afterlife and talk to Grizz (one of Aria's two named bodyguards). He will tell Shepard that Aria wants the Patriarch to stay alive. 

If asked why he uses the exemplary or renegade options, he will confirm what Shepard already knows if the player has spoken to the Patriarch. It's a trophy that should be kept close by and Aria doesn't want to lose it because of her personal status.

After that, go back to the patriarch . It's time to have a pretty tough conversation about end-of-life activities.


Before choosing to save the Patriarch, the player needs to choose whether they want the Patriarch to live. Killing him will make Aria angry, but it will make Patriarch go on a rampage. . Choose the renegade option so the Patriarch falls swinging .

To save the Patriarch, use the exemplary option and Shepard will offer to be your krantt . The patriarch will be persuaded that, as a krogan, it will bring him glory and honor. He is not entirely wrong. While Aria will be grateful that Shepard saved him, she will be a little annoyed by her newfound glory.

Fonte: Mass Effect

Now the task is to find the assassins, which are not marked on the map, but are close by. Exit the door, go left (south on the map) and exit through the doors. . A brief cutscene will play once the door is interacted with.

It's tragically impossible to calm the killers, it's purely a matter of who strikes first. Remove them using any dialog option and go back to Patriarch . Finally, end the quest by talking to Aria , which will reluctantly be grateful.

Congratulations on saving the galaxy, one krogan at a time!

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