Mass Effect 2: How to save the Archangel

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Save Archangel it can be very frustrating in Mass Effect 2. See how you can easily do this.

In a game full of options like Mass effect legendary edition , it is probably strange to find a guide for a mission that must be accomplished. 

The option to leave Archangel dying is not in play (that is, much later in the game in a separate crash). So why are so many players looking for answers on how to save the turian if he needs to be saved as part of the main quest?

Frankly, because he dies easily, even in lesser modes than Insanity. The plot exalted him to be doomed and the gameplay matches that. He can die almost instantly. 

Worst of all, without a prior save, players can lose an entire playthrough during a sequence in which he dies faster than objectives can be completed. Don't let that happen! Those are the best ways to maximize success.


Fonte: Mass Effect

After landing, advance until you find Jaroth, the leader of Eclipse. Next to it is a room with its heavy mech vaulted inside it, along with some Element Zero and a datapad to deliver to Aria T'Loak. She will give Shepard a quest that will lead him to a secret treasure!

Use the station next to the mech and interact with it to ignore friend or foe ID . save first (there is a minigame that players need to win in order to succeed in this hacking attempt).

Later, a cutscene will play out and a battle will ensue where the heavy mech is dropped. don't shoot the mech , he will help Shepard defeat a large group of mercenaries.

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Fonte: Mass Effect

It is not possible to miss this interaction, but it is possible to miss the chance to keep the fighter disabled. After talking to Garm, Tarak and Jentha, go to the fighter and advance the mission beyond this preparation phase.

When the conversation ends, he will receive a message to send to Teams. Use the renegade interrupt when it appears . This will kill Sergeant Cathka.

More importantly, this will also stop repairs on the ship, stripping a layer of its defenses during the final fight when saving the Archangel.


Fonte: Mass Effect

After meeting up with Archangel, Shepard will have the chance to leave a squadmate with him. Always choose a squadmate to hang out with Archangel . There is no ideal choice for who to leave behind, either one will work just fine.

The battle ahead will be harder for Shepard, yes, but making this decision will drastically reduce the amount of damage Archangel takes while Shepard and the other teammate are fighting.

Congratulations on saving Archangel. He's not a pretty guy, but he's a fan favorite!

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