Mass Effect 1: How to restore Zhu's Hope colony

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Restoring the Zhu's Hope colony in Mass Effect is an easy thing to lose (and mess up). See how you can do this.

The Zhu's Hope colony is not a minor subplot in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. What happens to the colony in the first entry in the series has lasting ramifications in the next two sequels. They will help provide vital resources against the reapers and provide an extra mission or two further down the road. Of course, that's only if Zhu's Hope colony becomes viable during the initial encounter.

It's easy to see why most players don't realize this. The entire colony was a sham to begin with. ExoGeni only pretended to make the area sustainable for civilians to move in and become a living experiment for the Thorians. But Shepard can keep the promise he never intended to keep. In fact, while saving the lives of people living in Zhu' Hope is also important, it's the infrastructure itself that does the best in the long run.

Catch All Quests

  • Talk to Fai Dan
  • Mate o Geth
  • Talk to Fai Dan
  • Talk to Macha Doyle
  • Talk to May O'Connell
  • Talk to Davin Reynolds

All four side quests can be easily missed. During the first interaction with Fai Dan, the conversation will be interrupted by geth. Fai Dan and the other quest generators are not available for interaction until they are resolved.

Kill the geth and go back to Fai Dan. Don't get on the elevator before finishing these four missions! This is the most common reason players fail to save the colony. The elevator furthers the objective and should only be used after fixing all four issues.

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Go back to Fai Dan and ask him about "Geth in the tunnels", "Water shortage", "Energy" and "Food shortage". He'll direct Shepard to three other settlers. Talk to all of them, then go through the elevator.

Dropping the Four Tasks in One Sweep

  • Destroy the geth transmitter
  • Mate o varren alfa
  • Get the fuel cells
  • Restore the water flow

Don't worry about returning after each step is done, it just causes a ton of back and forth. Also, the objectives of the side quests are so close together that they can be seen on the same Feros: Tunnels map.

The water pipes can be seen on the right as you go down the tunnel. After activating two in a tunnel, Shepard will briefly exit the tunnel, then the third on the right in the next tunnel.

The alpha varren and fuel cells are in a room on the left side represented by a "transition" symbol on the map, although it's actually just an attached room with a short ramp. The alpha varren doesn't stand a chance against Shepard's crew and the fuel cells are in a badly damaged vehicle. Interacting with it will put them in your inventory.

Directly opposite this room on the east side is the geth transmitter. There is no minigame here, shoot the transmitter until it breaks. Return to Fai Dan, Macha Doyle, May O'Connell, and Davin Reynolds to let them know the good news.

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