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    Mass Effect 1: How to make a treaty with Lord Darius

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    The original Mass Effect has players trying to make a treaty with Lord Darius in UNC: The Negotiation. See how you can make it happen.

    BioWare is the champion of coming up with options that don't deliver clearly good or bad results. One of his most recent works, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, further demonstrates his mastery of the gray area. Shepard is faced with dozens of choices, all of which have an immediate and/or lasting impact on the game's overall story. Paradigmatic and renegade options often blur the line between consciousness and utility.

    A small example of this is the negotiation that Admiral Hackett sends Shepard to report to Lord Darius. This stupid little side quest is only lightly mentioned in Mass Effect 2 and, prior to Legendary Edition, was not mentioned at all. However, the choice Shepard makes here largely reflects the decisions that will be made going forward.

    Should Shepard Make The Treaty?

    This is the classic case of “Your scientists were so preoccupied with knowing whether they could or couldn't that they didn't stop to think if they should”. This guide will explain how to succeed in trading in the next section, but players should know that “success” is a vague term in this particular case.

    If the goal is to do the “nice” thing or increase exemplary points, then by all means pass all the necessary conversation options. Players who do so will find that Element Zero is being made available to the Alliance, but prices have gone up because of Darius.

    However, this may not be the “right” choice. The renegade's option is to simply execute Darius and his guards. This means that pirates will be perpetually fighting for Element Zero in the area. This might sound worse, but it's actually what Admiral Hackett secretly wants. In fact, he is disappointed if Shepard succeeds and reveals that he sent Shepard, a non-negotiator, to the bunker in hopes that a firefight would ensue.

    Ultimately, the decision, as always, is up to each player, but these are the ramifications players should be aware of before proceeding.

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    Doing Business With Darius

    After entering Lord Darius' compound, do not shoot, melee, or throw grenades. This will be seen as hostile activity, even if it is not done against a guard. The only option at this point will be to eliminate them all in the installation.

    Run the dialog in this order:

    1 – Enough with the niceties.
    2 – Fine.
    3- I'm sorry.
    4 – I am listening.
    5- Agreed.
    6 – I would love that.

    The first dialogue option is cranky no matter what. Selecting, “Sufficient Amenities” is the best choice offered. This puts Darius on edge and he demands nothing but respect in the future.

    There's not much leeway here. Most other options cause Darius to get violent or Shepard to get violent. “Lord” Darius hasn't earned that much respect, but unfortunately, giving him his undeserved respect is the only thing stopping him from opening fire.

    For players who prefer to fight Darius, he is actually very difficult. He can replenish his shields and has the dreaded Immunity ability normally reserved for the krogan. Fun fact, he has two explosive barrels behind him, detonating them will often push him down from his small ledge and make him an easy kill.

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