Mass Effect 1: How to get zero civilian casualties in UNC: Beseiged Base

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Getting zero civilian casualties at UNC's Beseiged Base in the original Mass Effect is much easier said than done. See how you can save them all.

Unless you employ a very specific strategy, it is nearly impossible to get zero civilian casualties in UNC: Beseiged Base. While Mass Effect Legendary Edition prides itself on being a game that revolves around player choice, talent also appears at various points. However, it would take an absurd amount of skill and luck to save all the confused civilians in Chohe.

Most players spend several hours trying to get a perfect shootout with no luck before accepting their fate and moving on. That's not the worst thing that could happen, Admiral Hackett seems to understand that the situation was hopeless all along. But Shepard makes a living doing the impossible and exceeding all set expectations, this mission doesn't have to be any different.

Preparing-Se Para A Luta

Half the battle is won before the facility's doors are opened. Since enemies will be mixing with innocent civilians, it is best to plan a strategy that keeps collateral damage to a minimum.

Bring squadmates that don't use area damage abilities. Ashley is the best choice, Garrus and Wrex are decent too, especially if they've been augmented to deal physical damage. Liara should probably be left out with the large area of ​​damage caused by her biotic abilities.

For those of you who don't like the idea of ​​leaving your favorite teammates in Normandy, disable the ability for teammates to use abilities on their own in the options menu. In this way, the player can control their movements and can limit their uses to those that do not damage clusters of enemies.

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Abandon shotguns and assault rifles in favor of sniper rifles and pistols. These weapons are more accurate and do not do splash damage. There's still a remote chance that a teammate will hit a spectator, but that at least minimizes the chances of that happening.

Engaging Combatants Safely

Save before the fight. This strategy is extremely successful even on Insanity difficulty, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to fail. This is a one-time battle, so reloading before it happens will save an entire save file.

While it is natural to leave teammates set to follow Shepard, they are a disadvantage. That's not to say they can't help, but any companions should be placed in the starting room, behind cover. They can see the area where the enemies are coming from, but if it goes beyond that, they can kill someone they shouldn't.

The most important part of this entire guide is to draw the biotics from the second room to the first. Open the door to the area, take a shot to get their attention and run back.

There are no civilians in this first room and the team can engage in barrier-free combat here. Also, enemies will funnel down the hallway and it's easier to line up headshots and avoid biotic attacks.

Congratulations on making this difficult mission a cakewalk! Return to the Star Map and Admiral Hackett will express his gratitude and dismay.

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