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    Mass Effect 1: How to dislodge the Geth ship

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    Even player choice and action-based games like Mass Effect: Legendary Edition make room for a good puzzle. When attempting conquests that control enemy AIs, kill opponents with melee attacks, or trap targets with singularity fields, there's nothing like a good puzzle to slow things down and challenge Shepard's mind beyond reflexes.

    But sometimes puzzles can be a little too complicated. On Feros, dislodging the Geth ship from the side of the building involves an extensive maze, reading, and (everyone's favorite subject) math. Some players were enticed to drop their controllers and call it a day during this sequence. Don't settle for hitting random buttons until everything works, save yourself a lot of time with a handy guide that will solve all that.

    Getting to the Right Leg

    Finding the correct leg can be difficult even though there are only three legs. For starters, a squadmate will comment on the three legs that the leg is indestructible, even telling Shepard to “keep looking” when finding the correct leg.

    While exploring the ExoGeni facility, Shepard will come to a glowing door that blocks progress. There are several exits to take. Curious minds may want to take them all for loot and experience. Players trying to collect data for the ExoGeni worker will want to head to the right when facing the door.

    The correct direction is left on the flickering port. Follow it and go through a ladder and out into an area full of Geth. Go to the opposite side of the room, using some stairs on the right and a small cutscene will appear. The camera will pan to a location with more Geth, and this is where the garage puzzle is located. Clean up the Geth and now it's time to “break down” the garage door.

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    Solving the Puzzle

    When first interacting with the console, Shepard will receive a note about the "wrong" PSI. The goal is to get the PSI between 31 and 34, which is, according to the note, strong enough to “shear a metal I-beam”. Unfortunately, this information is not listed in the journal, so players who are in the habit of skipping notes will not receive this total number again.

    There are several buttons on the left with various amounts of PSI. A gauge is in the lower left corner that will measure this ideal danger zone for the PSI. The buttons from left to right are 5, 7, 17, 11 and 13.

    It's perfectly normal to go too high or too low. While there are no “returns”, simply using the console outside of the optimal range will reset all buttons and reduce the PSI to zero.

    There are several solutions, but one way is to enable the first, third and fourth buttons. This solution (5 + 17 + 11 = 33) will be in the perfect range for cutting the Geth leg. Activate the console with these green buttons and the flashing door will open.

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