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    Mass Effect 1: How to defeat Saren

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    Saren is the final obstacle in Mass Effect and can be downright difficult to take down. Here's how to make the fight easier.

    Even after an entire trilogy, it's hard to think of a more iconic antagonist in Mass Effect Legendary Edition than Saren Arterius. In the following games, the main antagonists are indirectly opposed, in the same way that Sovereign is involved. Players fail to fight their enemy most of the time, but Saren is a welcome exception to this rule. Unless, of course, they can't beat him.

    And this is, unfortunately, a common trait, especially for players playing on Insanity difficulty. No enemy in the game is quite like him, which is to be expected, but since he doesn't have the weaknesses that other enemies do, players who have made it through the game can easily hit a brick wall with Saren. Don't give up on the final boss, it's time to end the game with some serious strategy that makes the fight easier.

    Preparation for the Fight

    Remember that the cast that enters Ilos will be the cast that will fight Saren. Players do not have the opportunity to change teams after landing on Ilos. Bring in the characters that Shepard fights best in this quest.

    Serious consideration should be given to Liara and Kaiden as they both have the ability to Raise. Saren is immune to most biotics, including Singularity, but not Elevation. Shepard must have either barrier or immunity (both are even better).

    Sniper rifles are particularly great for squad against Saren because they are powerful. They can also knock him down while suspended by Elevation and will deal additional damage based on where he lands and what he hits. The amount of hit health is substantial, so those extra physical attacks are great.

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    Against common sense, Saren is considered to be synthetic life, as are the geth who enter the battlefield during the final encounter. Use mods that deal extra damage against synthetic materials, along with Sledgehammer and Hammerhead rounds for extra strength.

    Battle against Saren

    Saren himself behaves identically to a Geth Hopper. The Hopper is the unit that quickly jumps everywhere and only stops to line up a sniper shot. Saren is basically that, but he can't be hacked, he can't be controlled with the Singularity, and he has a huge health.

    When Saren stops to line up a shot, use Lift to interrupt him. This will ruin his sniper shot, but also create a moment of weakness where he won't be running around the map. If elevation is on cooldown, use barrier or immunity to absorb the hit.

    Geth will slowly enter the room during the fight. Even in Insanity, these units are not difficult and can be largely ignored or killed by squadmates. Your passive skills will be more than enough to take care of smaller enemy units. Keep your focus on Saren.

    He'll gain renewed life thanks to a mid-fight cutscene, but his tactics don't change. Keep up the pressure and he'll drop in no time. Congratulations on winning the first part of the trilogy!

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