Mass Effect 1: Como derrotar Thorian

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Defeating Thorian in the original Mass Effect can seem complicated. See how you can take down the enemy.

An ongoing situation in Mass Effect Legendary Edition is how fights can be won on different fronts. Shepard takes on enemies like Sovereign and Harbinger without needing to fire a single bullet at them. Shepard is not one of the best because he is purely a model perfect combatant. Instead, he is one of the best because he can win a fight against invincible beings against conventional weaponry.

Add the Thorian to the list of creatures that are completely invulnerable to bullet fire. In addition to this immunity, he commands a slave colony, a legion of warriors, and an elite biotic unit that revives every time it is killed. The fight is long and one of the most arduous battles in the entire trilogy. Dying can send players back a long way to do it all over again. Take some tips and make this situation unique, even in Insanity.

Preparing-Se Para A Luta

It's time to blow up the big guns. Sniper Rifles and Shotguns are great here because they physically knock down enemies, which is strong against all the minions Shepard will face. The Sledgehammer and Hammerhead mods must also be equipped to maximize weapon strength. There is a particular mechanic that, when used, feels almost like an exploit, and movement through weapons is the easiest way to do this.

As far as teammates go, seriously think about bringing Liara and Wrex. Equip them with the suggested weapons and mods, but keep in mind that they both have biotic abilities that can push enemies off a cliff. Much like weapons, these types of biotics will come in handy. Liara in particular should have her Singularity maxed out for the biotic enemy.

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Defeating The Thorian

Thorian Creepers looks and sounds a lot like Husks. Both have a lot of health, move into melee range, and then use a single-target physical strike or area-of-effect skill. However, Husks cannot be stopped by launching their deadly blasts once they have started. Thorian Creeps can be interrupted with a melee attack or biotic interruption.

Thorian Creepers have tons of health and can take a while to kill, but melee attacks, force weapons, and biotic abilities will move these enemies around. There is a convenient cliff where the Thorian Creepers are. Knock the Thorian Creepers off the cliff for faster kills so they can't overwhelm the crew.

The biotic poses a unique problem because it can cripple the entire team. In Insanity, this is a death sentence, because two shots from a Thorian Creeper and it's all over. Use Singularity (or another biotic ability) on her and kill her while she is incapacitated. Like the Thorian Creepers, knocking her off the cliff will work just fine.

Save between waves. Enemies may seem endless, but they are not, and players will have a chance to save during these moments. Don't feel the urge to destroy the neural nodes that hold the Thorian to the walls. A little damage will awaken a Thorian Creeper. Dealing a small amount of damage, killing a Thorian Creeper, and then dealing another portion of damage makes for safe rotation. Congratulations on defeating Thorian and saving Feros!

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