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    Marvel's Avengers Fixes PS5 IP Address Bug

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    Crystal Dynamics fixes Marvel's Avengers bug that revealed PS5 players IP address and account information on screen.

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    Concluding what has become one of the strangest gaming occurrences of 2021, Crystal Dynamics has released an update for Marvel's Avengers on PS5 that fixes the bug that displayed a user's IP address. No explanation for the Marvel Avengers bug was provided. No real transparency regarding the process was shared. But Crystal Dynamics acknowledged the issue after it started and has now confirmed that the issue has been fixed so that IP addresses are no longer displayed in Marvel's Avengers on PS5.

    The issue surfaced on June 22 with the release of Marvel's Avengers patch 1.8.0, which included the Cosmic Cube event and other game improvements. Players on PS5 updated their game, launched it and saw that their IP addresses and account names were listed on the screen with no way to turn it off. No other platforms were affected by the issue. No explanation of why or how the problem occurred.

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