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Mad Skills Motocross 3 is a recently released mobile motocross game. The game is already highly regarded in the motocross community. It is available for Android e iOS

The game is offered by Turborilla Studios and has accumulated over 500 downloads on the Play Store. Today in this article we are going to see some tips and tricks that can be used in this game. But before that, let's read a brief review:

brief review

The game prides itself on a realistically lucid racing experience based on the physics, sounds and sensations of a rally virtual motocross racer. Numerous customizations, tuning and personalization options add to the gameplay. 

Game controls are very easy to understand. For a side scrolling game, the 3D art is quite captivating and successfully embodies the aggression and thrills of motocross racing! Overall, a game definitely worth checking out, especially for racing enthusiasts.

Tips and tricks

1 | keep balance

One of the most important and skillful aspects of this game is the art of balance stability. Players should try not to mess around with performing the 'wheelie' and/or 'stoppie' just to look cool on every jump. 

Most of the time it will fail miserably unless the player already has experience playing this type of game. Normally, around a high jump opening, always try to land on the rear type, which helps to regain stability soon.

2 | Using body weight

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The game implements the use of body weight and inertia to make the game as realistic as possible. Players must learn to use it to their advantage.

For example, when landing from a considerable peak of elevation, rather than trying to spend more time in the air, using your body weight to land faster with momentum can give you a decisive boost to overtake rivals.

Using body weight, players can also diffuse instability. Certain racing circuits are quite bumpy and difficult, with many successive short peaks to give the rider a challenge. 

In such cases, simply trying to cross may not be enough as this will lead to a slower speed. Accelerating, on the other hand, on such terrain can also be dangerous, as the ridges separated by a small opening may not give enough time to regain balance. 

Using the ability to quickly shift body weight on such tracks ensures that the player maintains speed and balance. However, it is not an easy skill to master. It comes with a lot of practice, past failures and experience.

3 | Updating the bike

As with almost all racing games, this game also offers the ability to adjust the bikes. One can upgrade various parts of the bike to increase it to its fullest potential. To perform upgrades, you will need to spend 'Silver Coins' or 'Gold Badges'. 

Both features can be acquired by completing: daily tasks, winning races, leveling up, and lifetime user tasks.

Level up quickly to earn Gold and Rep (XP) badges

Also, it is important to note here that it is possible to upgrade your bike only up to a certain limit. Also, players will have to think about buying the next bike available for purchase in the garage. 

It is usually better to save resources rather than upgrade as it is very easy to win early races even if the player's Total Bike Power is lower than that of most rival competitors. 

However, as the player continues to win on the circuits, the tracks and rivals get tough, making it imperative to upgrade it to buy a better bike.

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