Lost Ark's May Update Will Bring Its First 8-Player Legion Raid

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Its developers think players are ready

Lost Ark is in an interesting position. It's a hack-and-slasher MMO that made its massively popular western debut earlier this year, but that's been available in South Korea since 2019. That means there's a wealth of endgame content already out there that its developers have to decide when it's time. suitable to bring to the western version.

“After closely monitoring the Smilegate RPG side, we feel that a sufficient amount of our player base has reached the item level required to participate (or is within walking distance to get there in the coming weeks) and we have decided that this is the right moment." says the Lost Ark post detailing the upcoming May update.

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As such, they will introduce the first “Legion Raid” for the western version of Lost Ark. The first Legion Raid is Valtan, an eight-player team battle that includes two checkpoints to save the player's profession. You will need to be item level 1415 to try normal difficulty or 1445 to try hard. The Valtan raid also introduces the “Relic” rarity.

The May update will also add Deskaluda, which is a new Guardian attack that requires an item level of 1415 and a new advanced Destroyer class. Destroyers' abilities are focused on "slowing, throwing, pushing and pulling" enemies.

You can find more details of the update's content on the Lost Ark website, including information about new open world missions and activities, new outfits, and quality of life updates. The update will be released sometime in May.

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