Lost Ark Providence Stones: How to Obtain and Where to Find

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The Providence Stones are a vital part of Lost Ark. To make your adventure in Arkesia fruitful, you'll need the favor of many NPCs!

As usual, MMORPGs include a ton of in-game currency or items that serve as such.

Lost Ark is no exception to this rule. There are many tradable items in the game that will make your journey in Arkesia a seamless experience.

Understanding all these currencies and game mechanics can become quite overwhelming.

Same the in-game guild system can be a bit tricky if you don't know what to do or what you're looking for.

One of the items players are constantly looking for is Providence Stones. This item can be quite useful if you plan on getting an NPC's favor!

what are the Providence Stones and how to get them in Lost Ark

Providence Stones are pink heart-shaped stones that can be exchanged for Rapport items with NPC Nada in Luterra Castle.

Rapport items have a very simple yet specific function in the game, increasing your relationship with NPCs. The purpose of building a relationship with certain NPCs is to eventually get better rewards.

As with most items in this category, you cannot dismantle Providence Stones and can stack up to 9999 of them.

These are the ways you can obtain Providence Stones in Lost Ark.

1. Defeating Elite and Alpha Enemies

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These are high level enemies with an orange or yellow glow around them.

Defeating these enemies is no easy feat, but they have a higher chance of dropping Providence Stones. Farming these enemies is a great way to get Providence Stones in Lost Ark.

2. Completing normal missions and sudden missions

Many normal quests include Providence Stones as part of their rewards in Lost Ark .

However, if you want to grow more of these stones, you can always complete the sudden missions you receive .

Also, sudden missions will give you a decent amount of extra XP in the process.

3. Completing Daily Quests

Completing certain daily quests can earn you some Providence Stones in Lost Ark .

You can easily see how many of these stones you are getting in each quest in the Reward column of the Daily Quests tab.

Daily and weekly quests have a reset time , so keep this in mind if you are trying to use this method to farm Providence Stones.

MMORPGs like Lost Ark rely heavily on farming items like Providence Stones. Farming can get tedious if you don't know where to look for specific items!

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