Lost Ark: How to Recover Founder's Pack Items

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Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMO that will be released on February 11th. But those who have purchased a Founder's Pack have a head start and can play the game three days early, as well as claim some items with their purchase.

Founder's Packs were likely primarily purchased for the three-day start, allowing players to start playing on February 8th rather than waiting for the free-to-play date of February 11th. even for those who purchased the lowest level of Founder's Packs.

To retrieve your Founder's Pack, look in the top left corner of the game and look for an icon in the red box below. Click on it and it should say you have a Founder's Pack to retrieve.

Once you get your package, it should show up in your inventory. Click on the package with the mouse button you chose to use for interactions and it will open a menu showing what's inside. Click open and the package contents will now be in your inventory.

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To activate an inventory item, click on each one. Each Founder's Pack came with different items, so players may have many items to look for depending on which pack they purchased.

The cheapest package contains a Founder's Exclusive Pet, a 30-day Crystalline Aura and a Founder's Title, while the more expensive package contains various items such as Royal Crystals, which can be spent in the shop, and a Founder's exclusive mount, among many others. other things.

Founder's Packs can be purchased from the Lost Ark website. And now that the game is over, items can be obtained immediately after the player enters the game.

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